Lions reached the SIFL Cup Final by beating the Shooters

[ SIFL Cup ] Shooters 4-5 Shanghai Lions (01 Jun 2013)

DSC_4442On Saturday morning we were not sure whether we would ever make it to Tianma as the bus driver was missing some gears in his box! In the end we arrived 30 minutes before kick off at the field. Motivation was high and we knew that for the Shooters this was one of the last chances to win something this season so we expected a good battle.

Within 5 minutes the Shooters took the lead by a great cross of Jonny straight on the head of Zippy who saw the ball ending in the net. Quite funny one of the Shooter players concluded that we lost it and were nervous… well not really. A great combination on the right put Thomas in a good position and he finished cool! Happy to see him score on Saturdays! Just before half time Azz was fed up with the referee as he was not blowing his whistle and he went on a rampage, tricking 4 shooters and lobbing the Keeper, the ball ended on the cross bar and bounced back in the goal by Chris Banners face.

In the second half we were looking for the third goal as well it was time to put our subs on. Matthieu and Romain gave us a comfortable lead 4-1 and we got more chances, especially Benj was denied by the post and cross bar. With a 4-1 score line it was safe to put Mister Warady on to replace Jack. Soon the referee awarded a penalty for a perfect Shooters dive in the box and by another break on the left the Shooters made it a real cup game 4-3. With 5 minutes to go we stayed calm and composed and got our penalty rewarded and god bless Simon didn’t take it and Azz made it 5-3.  In the last minute the Shooters managed to score one more goal but that was it!

 DSC_4445 DSC_4481 DSC_4491 DSC_4557 DSC_4604

Lions are in the final and saw the Dutch beating DIB in the other 1/2 final. So everybody should come and support the Lions on June the 15th as we want to win the double this season!!


Keep training and stay focused until the very end of this very special season!



Next weekend is Lions’ weekend


Our most successful season in our history is almost done ! But we are still hungry for more trophies ! When we asked you to register for our party on the 22nd of June we noticed that several Lions (including myself) would not be able to make it as many would be going home for the summer break. This will miss our target to celebrate with as many family and friends our success ! Therefore we decided to make next weekend a Lions’s weekend we believe that’s the best way to end this special season.

Here is the schedule for Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th of June, 2013:

  • Saturday 1000-1200 SIFL CUP final Lions vs Dutch at Waigaoqiao
  • Saturday 1200-1600 SIFL End of the season tournament at Waigaoqiao
  • Saturday 1600-1800 SIFL award Ceremony at Waigaoqiao / Lions to receive several awards !
  • Saturday 2000- late LIONS own end of the Season Party + award Ceremony at BLOC / Please bring all your family and friends !
  • Sunday    1100-1600 SPL end of the season Tournament at Jinqiao (everybody welcome)
  • Sunday    1600-1900 SPL end of the season Party + award ceremony at Latina ! (The largest Cup and the Brazilian Samba Dancers has been ordered for the Lions)


Let’s celebrate all together and make this LION’S WEEKEND unforgettable ! You can register now on line for all the events ! For our Lions Party you don’t need to register as we count on all of you to come !!


Freek – Shanghai Lions FC President

Lions write history in Shanghai and win both the SIFL and SPL

Lions, now it’s party time!!!

SPL title

We have achieved what no other team or club has achieved before as we won both leagues in Shanghai the SPL and the SIFL ! Before the start of the season we could only dream of it but once the season progressed we saw more and more motivated Lions. Our trainings under the great supervision of Azz and Simon were well attended even last week we had 30 Lions showing up ! No other teams in Shanghai are having such well organized trainings and have so many motivated players.

As the Saturdays Lions were off to their best start ever in the SIFL it motivated the Sunday Lions to catch up in the SPL. Turning point to me for the SPL was in December when we lost 4-3 versus the Marlins. Extremely frustrated all the players stayed back after the game to have a few beers and we talked about the rest of the season. Ironically we said if we win all our games we will be Champions ! Exactly that’s what happened we locked our defense and started to score goals like a machine ! A long the way our closest opponent  started to feel the pressure. Especially against Gremio we played our best game of the season on all aspects of the game were better and the result was a 6-0 victory ! Next up were the Cowboys last week and again it was our fitness and good balance in the team of course helped by our team spirit that brought us the title.

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 2-1 Marlins FC (27 May 2013)

Gremio yesterday lost against the Cowboys so before we started versus the Marlins we were officially SPL Champions.  The first 45 minutes we adapted to the Marlins style of football with long balls skipping our midfield. Thanks to Jack we got at least something to fight for in this game as they Marlins took the lead 1-0. The second half we wanted to win the game under the Captaincy of Joel we started to show our teeth. His brilliant cross reached Benji who was running faster than the Maglev train and he made no mistake in front of the Marlins Keeper 1-1 ! The joy of playing started to come back and before we knew it we scored the winner 2-1 an easy tip in for Joel. After that it was time for the substitutes to come in and our goal was to keep the lead. Credit to the Marlins who kept on fighting until the last minute and kept our defenders very busy on the day.

After the game it was time for the Champagne (yes they have some good things in France….) Final result this season 17 wins + 2 losses + 1 draw scored 94 goals and conceded only 18 goals (this is our secret asset a solid non French Defense !)

[ SIFL ] Shooters 0-2 Shanghai Lions (25 May 2013)

On Saturday we had our last league game versus the Shooters ! First half we were not playing well partly because there was nothing at stake anymore. Yes we hit the post and the cross bar but couldn’t find the net ! In the second half we showed that our fitness level is much better than the Shooters and started to dominate the game. Two good combinations ended at the feet of Antony Nobile who scored both goals. It could have been 3-0 if Simon scored his penalty. Its was my mistake to let him take the spot kick as I should have known that he wanted to keep his record of no goals scored for the whole season. Well done Simon ! You might be up for a reward here !

SIFL season we ended with 16 wins + 1 loss + 1 draw and we scored 87 goals and conceded 20 ! We ended the season 19 points ahead of the Shooters !

SiflThomas flew all the way from Sydney to play the last 5 minutes of our game versus the Shooters so that he would be entitled the Championships medal ! At least he got a taste of winning as since he left Shanghai last year we only lost one game… coincidence???


We have the SIFL Semi Cup final ahead of us this coming Saturday and we are going to put a very strong Lions team versus the Shooters ! So please all come to the training !

On June 8th, we will hold our official Lions Champion(s) Party! We expect everybody to come and make this a memorable event !


To all the Lions who have contributed to the success this season I like to say a very big THANK YOU ! Incredible ! I am proud to be a Lion !


Double Happy Freek

Best amateur football leagues in Shanghai, China

For a new player looking for a football team in Shanghai, it’s not so easy as you can find a bit of everything online. For youth, senior or veteran players, it’s sometime unclear if some leagues are still running as the last communication available is dated back 2007. In other cases, it’s a one shoot or attempt to create a new league… It’s there on the web but it’s difficult to say if it’s really running or not (some people have great ideas but they get bored after some time). To make things easier, I have listed below the most organized and reliable leagues in Shanghai, China as per today. If you know any other good league in Shanghai, feel free to share and comment below.

Shanghai International Football League [SIFL]

The Shanghai International Football League [SIFL] is an expatriate amateur football (soccer) league based in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China. An estimated number of 2,000+ players from many different countries have played in this league since its creation back in 1995 and it’s currently composed of 2 levels of 10 teams with a Premier League and a 1st Division (1st Division created in 2006 facing the league expansion). The league is completely non for profit and run by volunteers independently from any official bodies such as the Chinese Football Association and Shanghai Football Association. Although all its member teams were essentially expat at the early beginning, more and more local Chinese amateur teams are now joining the league facing the lack of resources and proper organization body at local level.

Shanghai Premier League Football Association [SPL]

Shanghai Premier League aka SPL is an amateur football (soccer) league based in Pudong, Shanghai, aiming mainly at the expatriate community. Shanghai Premier League was founded in 2003 when 5 existing amateur teams, among which the Shanghai Traffic Police team, who hitherto played only on occasional fixtures, decided to group themselves and play in a double round-robin league format. Simultaneously a Shanghai Premier League Cup is also played. The league’s season runs from October to June, with a start tournament to kick off the season and an end tournament to close the season. Occasionally special tournaments and events are held.

WePlay Shanghai Football League 7 a side

WePlay league is an opportunity for anyone who wants to play football in a fun and competitive environment. We are always developing links with bars and clubs, where all players will benefit from special deals. Our ultimate goal is to unify the footballing community in Shanghai. So get involved and let’s see if you’re either Cristiano Ronaldo or the Fat Ronaldo.


SPL Veteran League

A new league created in 2013 targeting veteran players (meaning above 35 years old)

ASAS Super Seven social football league
ASAS Super Seven social football league was established in 2006. We specialise in the operation of 7-a-side league. Our leagues aim to give everybody the opportunity to play social soccer matches in a professional and good structured environment, where the emphasis is on participation, inclusion and fair play.
Also, it seems that ASAS recently started the Shanghai Corporate Soccer League (SCSL)

The SCSL consists of 10 corporate teams including companies like IBM, Toshiba, Pepsi,, HSBC, and Shanghai Media Group. Game are played on Sunday at the Century Park Stadium.


Shanghai International Youth Soccer League (SIYSL)
Shanghai International Youth Soccer League (SIYSL) is committed to providing a safe, fun, and progressive learning environment to develop recreational and competitive youth soccer players to the best of their ability. The goal of the league is the development of mental and physical talent of all players to the highest level possible, both as an individual and as a team player. SIYSL was launched in the fall of 2006, now it has been the most watched youth soccer league within expatriate community in Shanghai. More than 4000 players from around 20 international schools have participated into the league during the last 6 years. SIYSL has spring and fall seasons every year composed of 4 age groups. SIYSL also organizes 2 tournaments every season, which is “Family Day” tournament in Pudong and “Sino-Cup” tournament in Puxi.

Lions in the SIFL Cup semi-final

[ SIFL Cup ] Shanghai Cosmos FC 0-4 Shanghai Lions (20 Apr 2013)

What a crazy weather! Last Saturday 20th of April, the weather was terrible, strong wind, rain and the temperatures dropping to 8 degrees! We were up for the Cup tie versus the Cosmos.

SIFL Cup-Shanghai-Cosmos-FC-0-4-Shanghai-Lions

For obvious reasons our team spirit was high before the game and our intention was to start aggressive as we wanted to take an early lead. Well we got what we wanted as Fabi scored the second fastest goal in our history from a corner with a good header, the clock stood at 1 minute 20 seconds! Cosmos decided to play with one striker only and they proved to be costly for them. Our master stroke to put left- footer Gwen on the right was paying off as he scored two goal in 15 minutes. So that was 3-0 and all goals scored by our defenders! Second half we tried to focus on possession. Matthieu scored another goal and that was enough. We can give credit to Cosmos as despite losing from the start they kept on trying to score until the very end and they played hard but fair !

The semi final will be on June 1st against Shanghai Shooters for a remake of last year semi final with a clean 3-0 victory! Bring it on!

As we have very important games ahead (especially in the SPL) and as we have no games this weekend we URGE ALL LIONS to come the training this Wednesday ! Lets have a record attendance and work hard for more titles!!


Shanghai Lions clinch SIFL title

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Vikings FC 1-2 Shanghai Lions (13 Apr 2013)

Shanghai Lions FC - Shanghai International Football League (SIFL) Champions 2012-2013We made history! Last Saturday was our big day with our most important game of the season as we needed only one point to clinch our first SIFL title.

Temperatures were rising and the spirit was great. Unfortunately Jerome who has been our outstanding Captain throughout this season was ordered by the Doctor not to play. He was kind enough to name Remy as his replacement Captain on the day. Azz forgot his shoes and Felipe had his whole left leg taped in and we almost forgot our warming up so no wonder that after 5 minutes were losing 1-0. Typical Championship game as we didn’t play well and the Vikings fighting for relegation smelled blood. The good thing was that we never panicked and stayed composed as a team looking for the equalizer. We got it through a good combination and an easy finish from Romain. The second half we were in control and more aggressive. We didn’t give anything away anymore and when Azz went on a run nobody could stop him. He ended up celebrating the winner (2-1) on the side line with all the lions and our fans! It was great to see that the old Lions Matze and Jamie coming to support us as well!

The final whistle came and it was time to party! We had a great celebration on the pitch and for me these are the moments you will remember and carry with you for the rest of your life. All the hard work throughout the whole season was worth it and we got our reward. Fantastic achievement of all the Lions who have played this season. No loss and 15 wins plus one draw and still two games to go / yes we are the Champions ! We got a La Nude show from Gwen on the field and they managed to put me under the shower with all my clothes on! In town the Lions party till late especially the party at Geisha the home of the Shooters tasted good!

Lions let this be the beginning of many more prices as the season is not over yet! We are still in the SIFL Cup and we still have the SIFL closing tournament to win. But most important of all are the last three games in the SPL for the Sunday Lions as we are in the running of winning both Shanghai Leagues!


Super Happy Freek

Most important game of the season this Saturday vs. Vikings


After 14 wins and 1 draw the time has come for the Lions to clinch their first SIFL title ! We have worked very hard to come into this position and are very motivated to write Lions history on Saturday. The opponent are the Vikings who are currently last in the League we will not take it easy and stay focused until the very end !! We hope to see many Lions supporters and friends at the game on Saturday !

The Sunday Lions have no game so please come and watch us on Saturday !


If all goes well we will have celebrations planned so please keep the Saturday night free in the agenda !



Lions need just one point to clinch their first SIFL title

Its looking good for the lions after 15 games and 3 more to go we need just one point to get our first SIFL title ! It has been an amazing season so far with 14 wins, 1 draw and 82 goals scored and 17 conceded +65 goal difference. To put it in perspective DIB (who are 2nd) are 8 points behind with a goal difference + 35; the Shooters (3rd) are 10 points behind with a goal difference of + 23 & old enemy Azzurri (4th) are 21 points behind with a goal difference of +2 !

Before our game against the Dutch we saw a dramatic game DIB vs Shooters / A draw would have given us the title but at half time the Shooters were leading 1-3 / it was interesting to hear the shooters coach telling his players at the break that they should be proud of their performance……not sure that’s was the right thing to do as the second half they imploded completely and lost the game 4-3 !

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Oranje FC (30 Mar 2013)


We played the Dutch who were battling for relegation and we knew we cannot afford any slip up now ! With four goals in each half we gave them their largest defeat of the season and with an alert Dim we kept a clean sheet. It was good to see Chris scoring a goal after his long lasting injury and my father concluded after the game that the Dutch can’t play football !


On April the 13th we are going to make it happen one point against the Vikings will bring us the title or if DIB drop points vs the Azzurri before our game it will be over as well. We hope to see all Lions supporters at Waigaoqiao 1500 pm kick off to help us making this the best day of our life !


[ SPL ] Japan FC 0-1 Shanghai Lions (31 Mar 2013)

The Sunday Lions are still in the running of their 8th SPL title ! with a narrow but hard fought 1-0 win over Japan they need to win their last three games to clinch the title.


Great times for the Lions who as well have announced their first ever international tournament the “Shanghai Lions Cup” to be held on 7 & 8 September !


Hope to see all of you on the 13th of April !


Go lions Go

Lions are getting closer and closer

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 D.I.B. FC - March 23, 2013

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 D.I.B. FC – March 23, 2013

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 D.I.B. FC (23 Mar 2013)

We had our biggest game of the season last Saturday. DIB our closest contender needed a win to stay in the title race. We did our preparation well as to what best tactics to use having watched them play a couple of times but looking at the team of DIB who were warming up this time it looked like they had put out the strongest team they could find in Shanghai for the occasion. Our strategy was to always stay calm and composed as we were 8 points ahead of DIB second in the league, so the pressure was on them not on the Lions!

Didier Njewel's fly above Felipe's leg into the box

Didier Njewel’s fly above Felipe’s leg

However 5 minutes into the game Felipe, not aware his opponent striker, Didier Njewel (1), was an ex-pro who played for Shanghai East Asia FC in the 2011-2012 season, did fly over his leg in the box. Question was whether he touched him or not… Felipe and the referee were clear he was flying over his leg and there was no penalty given, but it was our wake up call!

Five minutes later we were on the counter attack and Jerome shot ended up in the feet of Romain who tried to shoot himself and miss-hit the ball completely and surprisingly  the defender of DIB gave the ball back to Romain and asked him to shoot again, sure this time 1-0 for the Lions! Perfect start however a DIB corner landed on the head of their striker at the near post and they equalized.

In the second half we played better and controlled most of the game. It seemed our fitness level was better and we were a bit surprised that DIB was not fighting for the win. It was time to bring Jonny O’Shea, who needed to vomit after the warming up, on to do the damage. 15 minutes before the end he dribbled past two DIB defenders and managed a perfect left foot cross on Man Of the Match Dani, who headed the ball into the top corner! We were on cloud nine and with the clock ticking away we thought we got this until an injury time free kick of DIB was not defended properly and was straight shot in! Final score 2-2.

Lions scored heads down DIB

Lions scored heads down DIB

Its always good to learn from mistakes as that’s the only way to get better ! Dimitri our goalie had an outstanding game and overall I was very pleased with our team performance as we all felt that we were the better team. Big plus was our composure as except for a small black out of Fabie (think he thought it was earth hour) we took all the knocks and hits and kept on playing football all the time.

These are the games we will remember of this season and now it’s looking good for the Lions 4 games to go and we are 8 points clear on both DIB and the Shooters as I have mentioned many times before this season goal difference is key and we are +23 goals ahead of DIB and + 33 goals ahead of the Shooters. Although we know that two more wins will give us our first SIFL title all of the Lions want to win all the last 4 games to make it a whole season unbeaten run!!!


[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions - D.I.B. FC - Celebration(1)

After the game we all went to Bloc for our brunch and I was pleased by the food choice of Dani who helped my choose. Plans for the next poker game were laid out by Charles and Chris and the Lions remained humble in spirit not celebrating anything as their next game will be the most important of the season against the Dutch next Saturday. Nothing but a win will do!

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions - D.I.B. FC - Celebration

[ SPL ] FC Flamenkos 0-5 Shanghai Lions (24 Mar 2013)

On Sunday, it was also a memorable Lions day. We won 5-0 but not without controversy. I received phone call from the Flamenkos Captain late on Saturday saying he didn’t have a team and needed to forfeit the game. As we didn’t play last week and we are in the last stage of the competition and had a very good chance to win the league I thought it would be very bad not to play. A quick phone call to Simon did the job we intended to play 8 a side among ourselves to stay focused and fit and wouldn’t announce it to anybody as otherwise our players would party too much ! 45 minutes before kick off I got a call from Garret shouting where are the Flamenkos ….!! Told him the Flamenkos were gone! Angry faces but we did have a very good session for ourselves with 18 lions showing up! Only four games to go and if we win all of them we will be SPL Champions. We cannot let go this opportunity Lions! Next up is Japan and too bad for them it will be our revenge for the 2-2 draw earlier this season! And believe it our not we will play at Jinqiao!


Big weekend ahead for all Lions ! Train good and stay focused !



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