[SPL News] SPL is back on track !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

October weather is always good in Shanghai and last Sunday the playing condition were excellent 25 degrees and green grass at SCSC. Jinqiao finally had their family day last weekend as it caused some trouble to us due to their postponement by a week. Century Park will be back this weekend after winter grass seeding and will be in top notch conditions !
Peter Rosselli of the Marlins is writing interesting articles about Chinese football on the website of Wild East Football. Its definitely worth a look and a read ! The Chinese never ending Football Story is going on and on and the amounts being paid for foreign coaches nowadays are completely out of this world we will have to worry that one of these days Bilgin or Steve Fishwick will be no longer in the SPL but in the CSL. Rumors are going around that Steve will succeed Erikson at SIPG but the contract is still pending on some undisclosed minor details…..!

ERS 5–0 Krauts

Bilgin finally was back and the had 11 players on the pitch as the week before they won with 9 players ! ERS is the team in form at the moment one good point about them is that they play with the same team and formation week after week. It showed as they scored after 40 seconds after Gonzalo the Krauts defender thought he was Maradonna in their own box ! The second goal was an easy catch for the Krauts goalie but maybe he got nervous by Bilings presence and let the ball fly in the goal 2-0. If that was not enough the 3-0 was another gift too early for Christmas. Stas arrived only in the second half and the Krauts started to play better with him but another gift made it 4-0 and the final gift was from the linesmen to make it 5-0. If that was not enough for the Krauts Bilgin missed a penalty to make the misery complete ! Good result for ERS and the Krauts will bounce back against Century Park in two weeks !

Lions 2–2 Japan

Japan is always able to give the opponents a hard time due to their fast play and good fitness level. This time it was not any difference as they took the lead the Lions goalie didn’t clear a cross in properly. Japan was faster and quicker in the beginning of the game and the Lions could only stop them by making some fouls. They got some chances as well and a long strike of Tomas ended in the top corner. Soon after it was Felix who finished well after a quick counter. While the Lions were celebrating Japan was ready for the kick off and Nakano-san the Japanese striker had other ideas as he shot a thunderbolt over the Lions defense and also over our helpless looking Dim, …..2-2 ! In the second half the Lions played much better and more serious as they knew a draw would not be good enough. They created plenty of opportunities but either they shot just wide or the Japanese goal keeper saved their efforts. At the final end Japan even got a chance for the winner but they hit the post and saw Dim putting out a ball at the very last moment. Compliments to Japan who indeed gave the Lions a hard time !

Marlins 12–0 Galacticos

This time it was harder for the Galacticos as the Marlins are also in fine form they couldn’t find the net on the otherside the Marlins scored thu Jamie Lally 3 x Wilson 2 x Gui 1x (left a hole in the net) Tony 2x Pete 1 x Steve 1 x and Mossy 2x. The big question left is why Dale was not on the Marlins goal sheet…..?

We are very pleased to have the Century Park field back in action this Sunday with two games !

  • 1300 Century Park FC – MM FC
  • 1500 ERS – Galacticos

Enjoy the games as winter will arrive soon in Shanghai and they predict much cooler temperatures than normal which is great for the SANTA CUP !

Freek / Yamada

Lions beat the Krauts 1-0 in the SIFL


[ SIFL ] Krauts FC 0-1 Shanghai LIONS


We knew it was going to be a difficult afternoon with 7 regular Lions missing including our goalie. Facing the Krauts with a combination of German winning mentality and fast counters with foreign players like Stas, we opted to secure our defense first before thinking of attacking. We started well in the first 10 minutes with Big John making his first start after 2 years of injury misery. After 10 mn of a balance, the Krauts took control of the game as we couldn’t hold the ball upfront resulting in fast counters to slice open our defense… Our goalie, Francois, stood firm in the goal but we felt the heat on a few occasions. However, the best chance of the 1st half came from Allan with a one on one vs. Krauts’ goalie but his effort just went wide of the left post.

At half time the speech focused on the fact that with a depleted squad we were still in the game with only 1 goal away from victory. So with the help of two young ex-students from Fabi Louis (19) and Pierre (18) (who came over for a holiday) + our new Chinese signing Xu Lin (23), we took the game back in our hands. Suddenly the Lions were all over the place and the Krauts were pushed back. Our combinations improving, we got closer chances with Allan again, Rosie, Xu Lin & Dave… In the final moments, a great ball through from Xu Lin putted Rosie in front of the keeper and he didn’t hesitate to lob the ball in the net ! A well-deserved goal seeing our 2nd half performance & it finally sealed the deal !

A great Lions team effort & a true Lions fighting spirit ! The Beer tasted good afterwards and we are now looking forward to the next game !



[SIFL News] Round 4 – Games played on 22 Oct 2016


Premier League: Shanghai Krauts FC (above) storm table and take number one spot with win over Shanghai Japan FC. 

First Division: Anzacs FC and HFC share spoils after tie.  

In the Premier League, Shanghai Japan FC did battle with the Shanghai Krauts FC. It was the early fixture and both teams were ready for kick off. Then, in light of the downpour, the committee decided to cancel all other fixtures of the day so this was the only game in the Premier League. 

With that knowledge the Krauts knew that a win would send them right to the top of the table. A feat not seen for a long time. While the pitch was getting flooded the game kick off in good spirits. The Krauts pressed the midfield using fast breaks and long balls trying to reach their wingers. 

Japan played position with combination football testing the Krauts keeper from the Old Transvaal. As the game got on the Germans drew first blood when they were awarded a penalty. Thomas Schwab stepped and put it away scoring their first goal of the season and a 0-1 Krauts lead at halftime. 

The Krauts continued their onslaught in the second half and worked hard to breach Japanese defenses. Japan kept executing their game plan and they continued to test the keeper as well as the woodwork. It was certain another goal would follow and when it came it fell to the Krauts. Old soldiers never die and when Stoyan Atsarov had the ball 20 meters out, he took a good look at the goalie standing from his line and bit and coolly lobbed the ball in the net doubling the Krauts lead to 0-2. 

Marin Delchev was on his way to a certain third goal but his effort stranded a few inches before the goal line in a pool of water, mud and frustration. The match ended 0-2 to the Krauts and with this result they are the undisputed number 1 in Shanghai, for at least 7 days. Man of the match honors went to Krauts keeper Jonathan Claesen who displayed an excellent performance in difficult conditions. 

In the First Division, Happy FC crossed swords with Anzacs FC. The game started with both teams splashing about in puddles like a kindergarten trip to the seaside. After a few minutes HFC then pumped the ball in behind the Anzacs back line. It stopped in the penalty area, allowing Liu Zheren to run through and stick it in the corner for the opening goal and a 1-0 HFC lead. 

Before long, Joe Hatch managed to scoop up the ball and then twat it in behind the HFC defense for Neil Beckitt to run onto and equalize with a trademark lob for 1-1. Soon after, the Anzacs won a corner taken by James Boyle who curled it in the net for a 1-2 Anzacs lead. Then, Beckitt chased down a through ball, shrugged off a HFC defender, and rounded the keeper for his second and a 1-3 Anzacs lead at halftime prompting a celebratory slide through a puddle.  

In the second half, HFC got back into the game and the Anzacs struggled to put them under pressure as they did in the first half. At this time also frustrations were starting to rise from poor tackles and likely fear of drowning. Tempers flared a bit and Anzacs had a player send off for an altercation. HFC then clawed another goal back when from a ricochet in the box the ball ended up in the Anzacs net for 2-3 and game on.

This livened HFC up further putting the Anzacs under more pressure. A cross to the far side found Liu Zheren who turned and dinked it back to the far post where it went through a crowd of players and straight through into the corner evening out the score at 3-3 and that’s how the contest ended. 

Neil Beckitt received man of the match honors for the Anzacs, as did Liu Zheren for HFC. With this result the Anzacs moved onto the podium claiming third spot in the standings. Pretty good!


Shanghai International Football League

October 29, 2016:  Round 5-League Matches

Venue: Shanghai Community & Sports Center, Waigaoqiao

Visit the official SIFL website to find out more. http://www.eteamz.com/SIFL/

Tom Bus

[SPL News] Marlins see red but stay on top of the SPL !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Last Sunday October 16th, 2016 we had good playing condition unfortunately only two games as Galacticos had two team events on the day and couldn’t field enough players.

Marlins 6–1 Krauts

No Bilgin and No Manu but plenty of players for the Krauts ! Statistics of the Krauts winning games while king Bilgin is not there are not looking good as it would be a single digit figure. Marlins started strong and scored quick by James after a one two with Pete. Soon there was a second after a goal keeper error scored by Jamie Lally. The Krauts kept trying hard on fast counters and succeeded by a fast break on the wing and good finish by Gonzalo. Pete of the Marlins made it 3-1 with a fine header after a good cross. With half an hour gone there was a bust up between two players of each team and kevin gave them the marching orders. Bad luck stroke again for the Marlins as Ash Reid was unlucky to rupture and Achilles tendon and will be out for several months (We wish him a speedy recovery !). James scored his second for the Marlins just before half time. In the second half it was more of the same but when Banksy committed a professional foul it was his second yellow and Kevin ordered him to shower early ! Marlins left with 9 players only still managed to score two goals by Jamie G and James for his hat trick !

Century Park FC 3–0 Japan

Usually its Japan who are the best prepared for the start of the game but this time Century Park scored after 4 minutes by Fafa and soon scored their second by Shingi who scored two minutes later. Japan had to run behind the facts for the rest of the game and to finish of their solid performance they scored their third goal with 5 minutes to go by Shingi again.


This weekend we will have three games all at Waigaoqiao and the outlook is for rain but we should be good to play !

  • 1300-1500 Krauts – Galacticos @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1300 – 1500 ERS – Japan @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1500-1700 Lions – Super 48 @ Waigaoqiao


Enjoy the games !

Cheers Freek / Yamada-san

Lions start the new SPL season with a 5-1 win !

It was great to see the Lions back in action after the summer break ! We were up against the Krauts who caused us trouble last season as they beat us early in the season. The Krauts had over 20 players as for the first game of the season a lot of new players showed up of course. The Lions instead had a smaller squad but with more experienced players. The weather was very hot with temperatures well over 30 degrees ! Plenty of water before, during and after the game was needed !

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 5-1 Krauts FC

Lions took most of the possession in the early part of the game and the Krauts were waiting for their counter attack opportunities by their fast forwards. Plenty of opportunities for the Lions in the box but we failed to finish it off but it was a good combination on the midfield with the forwards which put Terao-san in scoring position and he stayed calm to give us a 1-0 lead. At the end of the first half we became sloppy at defense and we needed Radouane our goalie to help us out on a couple of occasions. Right before half time with one minute to play disaster struck as we got a penalty for a handball. So 1-1 at half time and a few words were said and in the second half we looked more positive and the Krauts seemed to have lost their shape and composure.

We score 2-1 by Dani on a fast counter and 3-1 by Mathieu. We ran into trouble one more time when Radouane our goalie had no choice to foul the Krauts attacker but he scared the penalty take so much that he missed and shot wide ! Lions now knew that they would win the game and Azzeddine scored 4-1 and the big moment was there as it was time to put BIG JOHN back in the squad after two years of injuries recovery ! It gave us and Big John a BIG boost and we made it 5-1 by Felix our youngster !

It was a good start for the Lions and we enjoyed the ice cold beers after the game ! Also it was announced that Charles one of the hardcore Lions will leave Shanghai soon and we will make sure we give him the great farewell party he deserves for all what he has contributed to the Lions succeses!


Lions continue their unbeaten run in 2013

[SIFL] Krauts FC 2-7 Shanghai Lions (12 Jan 2013)


It was really good to see everybody back on the field ! The weather was good and our spirit was high.  We beat the Krauts 8-0 in our last 2012 game, so the expectations were high. However the Germans were building a replica of the German Wall and made it difficult for us to play. On top we gave them a belated Christmas gift in the form of a penalty and went 1-0 down.

Allan equalized right before half time with a left footed screamer in the top corner ! The key for us was to stay calm and composed and that’s just what we did… Gwen, our joker, got special instructions from me to terminate the Germans by himself. After 5 minutes in the second half he (being our left back) scored as if he was our striker and soon saw another goal going in!

That was it game over we could have score over 10 goals but especially Jonny and Dani decided to stay goal-less in 2013! Jonny was complaining about it because he was on the bench but I told him he can go back on when Dani would score!

7-2 it was and we now have scored 52 goals in 9 games and conceded 12! Shooters didn’t play so we are now 8 points ahead of them and DIB.

Big game this weekend versus Re-United and a win will be a must and we guarantee a lot of goals in this game… hopefully only for the Lions!


Train hard and stay away from the flu !


Coach Freek

[SIFL News] Round 12 – Games played on 15 Dec 2012

[SIFL Cup] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Shanghai Krauts (15 Dec 2012)

The Shanghai Lions FC were facing the Shanghai Krauts FC. It was a somber day for the Krauts as Elvis left the building. Both teams started with dazzling football and in the first 5 mins the Krauts had 2 bankable chances but failed to convert. It was another defining moment from which the sensitive Krauts never recovered. Not even a ‘Mourinho’ by Kraut coach Stöckl could get the bereaved Germans back on track.

The Lions on the other hand were in a festive mood with a guest appearance by ZZ-Top (main pic above) and took advantage of the disarray in the German squad. The Lions were motivated to the teeth as they felt somewhat belittled having to play a preliminary round as current SIFL Cup holders.

Highlight of the first half was a fast short corner with Johnny-Hobbit-O’Shea flying in the air to score a beautiful header sending both teams to tea with a 2-0 halftime score. In the 2nd half the Germans put the flag up and it was time for Xmas presents to put many Lions on the score sheet including a Fabien Barbet screamer. Their goal tally stopped at 8-0. Martin scored 2. Allan Mendel, Matthieu Witkowski, Thomas Gauthier and Benjamin Guerin all got 1.

Jonny O’Shea was voted man of the match for a 2nd time in a row.


Lions enjoyed to last weekend of the 2012 season


We had a very good Christmas Dinner last Friday. Very relaxing atmosphere at our Lions Lounge at Bloc. It was a good time to review our year and the progress we have made as a club. Terao-san had the time of his life as he was invited to kiss 10 ladies and Kevin made sure he will get a new tie!

After the dinner most of the players went for one or two more stops knowing that they had a game the next day and needed to be fueled for that.

[SIFL Cup] Shanghai Lions 8-0 Shanghai Krauts (15 Dec 2012)

We had no idea why we  had to play the SIFL Cup Qualifying game. Being the winners of the Cup last season it was quite ridicule that we had to qualify for this year’s Cup. I give credit to the Lions who came to play versus the German Krauts and never missed motivation to win. The environment was not inspiring at all, no people at Waigaoxiao cold and windy and what to play for ??

High-light of the first half was a good fast short corner and the shortest man on the pitch flying in the air and scoring the header, leave it up to you to guess who was this flying machine… 2-0 first half and the Germans didn’t do much it was time for everybody to put their name on the game sheet including Fabi with a screamer ! 8-0 we stopped enough goals what on earth were we playing for in the first place !

[SPL] Santa Cup (16 Dec 2012)

Yesterday we had 15 hard core lions showing up at the SPL 2012 Santa Cup.

Was a bit disappointed some Lions decide to stay in bed instead of having fun with their team mates for the last tournament of the year. However our U18 Lions did well for the first time to play on the big stage, they scored a few goals got some win and of course lost some games. Thomas our goalie was outstanding as he had several incredible saves on the day. Simon who played 16 games on the day scored his first and second goal for the Lions on a Sunday. Hope this will be the start of many more goals for him ! It was great to see Benji showing up with a big smile on his face yes it was 1300 Pm but at least he came and scored a few goals ! The Santa Cup was not about ranking but the fact that the Lions together with the Scottish team closed Waigaoqiao give you an idea about the atmosphere ! Great way to end a great year for the Lions !



SIFL 2012-13: Summary of Games from Week 2

There were some clouds and a bit of splash made all Shanghai pitches wet on September the 22nd 2012. A perfect day for football to settle some scores as round 2 of the Shanghai International Football League took shape. The top two fixtures of the day were between Shanghai ReUnited and league leaders Shanghai Lions FC and between current champions Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC and the champs of yesteryear Azzurri FC. Two top teams in the First Division did battle in the Voodoo versus Long Tang AFC Fixture. In all 50 goals were scored in 10 matches, 29 in the Premier League and 21 in the First Division.

Premier League

In the Premier League FC Oranje were slotted against Shanghai Japan FC. The reinvigorated Orangemen were set to march on where they left of last week and march they did. Some special shirts were made for the occasion (pictured below) to add to the atmosphere and the mood was buoyant. Prior to the match both sides shook hands, Oranje won the toss, sides were changed and on-on with it. Japan played dominant football in the opening phase of the match and pushed Oranje back to their own half. As time went on Oranje got into the match a bit better when Orangeman Sun Shaoyi (2nd from left) got on the score sheet for a 1-0 lead. The game went back and forth but when veteran Lodewijk Boddeart found the net for 2-0 the Dutch got into a flow and a 2-0 half time lead. Japan did something back in the 2nd half when Nomiyama broke through a stalled Dutch defense, then surprised the keeper with a lovely lob for the 2-1. A few moments later Sun Shaoyi got his 2nd going around several players and the keeper scoring from an impossible angle outside the 16 for a 3-1 lead. Toby Zhou (pictured far left) headed home for 4-1. Japan’s Suzuki got 1 back bringing the score to 4-2. It was Wouter Raatjes who put the duel beyond reach of Japan heading home from a corner for a final 5-2 score. With this win the Dutch climbed to 2nd spot of the table. Last time that happened in the Premier League was in 1997. FC Oranje’s Sun Shaoyi was voted man of the match.
Shanghai Vikings FC were pitted against Beaver United. Vikings’ mission was to forget their dismal opener the week before and that was exactly the same for Beaver. Both teams started with vigor and both teams played with passion creating several chances but no goals were scored in the 1st half. In the 2nd half Vikings found the net first from a Peter Tobar goal for a 1-0 lead. Not long after that, Beaver managed to get one in too, via Nick Muzyczka; evening out the score 1-1. Both teams tried to force the winner creating several dangerous moments in front of the goal. Both teams played a great game. It was an obvious stalemate ending in 1-a-peace earning both teams their first point of the season. Viking Jens Christensen was voted man of the match while the same honors for Beaver went to Alex Andersson. Super Beaver Leslie Campbell after the match: “So much balance it made me puke. Next time I’m gonna get some yellow cards and start a fight.”

The Shanghai Krauts were up against DIB FC. The contrast between these 2 teams could not have been bigger. DIB recorded a big win the week before while the Krauts experienced a huge loss. DIB’s flyer on Weibo (main pic, above) added to their confidence going into the match. When the match got underway the Krauts played dominant, yet it was DIB who got on the score sheet first via Zhao Libin and Kossi Amouzou goals. Half time score 2-0 to DIB. Things looked sweet for DIB FC and top of the table loomed. But never count out the Krauts with the clock still ticking. Down and agitated the German Luftwaffe got in to play when Air Theiler towered over the defense and managed to get his head on the leather for the anschlusstor 2-1. Then Phil jumped higher than anyone else heading home from 15m out for the equalizer with 18 minutes to play and a 2-2 score. DIB put it up a notch and kept attacking while the Krauts hung back playing counter with 3 strikers (pictured below). It turned out to be the winning tactic when Joel Terrades took off steaming towards the 16 then produced a blistering shot putting one passed the goalie for a 2-3 Krauts lead. With 7 minutes to play DIB put out an all or nothing offense and almost got goal when a superb DIB strike was saved by goalie Das Vacuum with ultimate effort. Then from a DIB corner the Krauts picked up the ball went straight for the counter and delivered it Joel Terrades who scored his 2nd of the day. It was enough to seal the deal and settle the score at 2-4 for a determined zicke zacke Shanghai Krauts. A great comeback after last week’s 8 goal deficit. Joel Terrades was voted man of the match.

There was a bit of an upset in the battle of the champions between the Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC versus Azzurri FC. A fixture that normally draws the crowds out and a game tense till the last second. It went a bit different this time around. The first half Azzurri kept pace with the Shooters and were just 1 goal down. Then disaster struck as a clear Azzurri goal was ruled off-side. Instead of 1-1 the Shooters nursed a 1-0 lead at halftime. However after tea it was all over as the Shooters ran rife in the 2nd half with both Kevin Weissler and Guillaume Leclerque scoring hattricks. Mike McGirr added to his first half strike with a delightful chip that went in. Adam Kluger scored a consolation goal late in the game and saved Azzurri honors. Chris Banyard saved an Azzurri penalty at the death. Final score: Shooters 8 Azzurri 1. Not a very happy moment for the men in blue as this sinks them to the bottom of the table-Azzurri unworthy and the worst ever start in Azzurri history. Hopefully they can get their act together after the October holidays. Great win for the Shooters after last week’s draw with Japan.

The top match in the Premier League was between Shanghai ReUnited versus championship contenders Shanghai Puxi Lions FC. It was a game for the history books as CFA’s Alice Yan became the first female referee in SIFL history to lead a SIFL match. The Lions dominated from the start and ReUnited had no answer to the short passing Lions midfield. ReUnited were appealing for a free kick when Mandela was brought down but the ref didn’t give it so that Gaullist troops marched right through the ReUnited defensive lines enabling Romain Haution to find the net for a 0-1 Lions lead. This fueled French dominance and right before half time they doubled their lead when a deflected shot from Azzeddine Takouloufa flew in for a 0-2 lead at half time. In the 2nd half Azzeddine got on the score sheet again when this time his effort deflected off the keeper for a 0-3 French lead. But the match wasn’t over and ReUnited finally got it together when in the 75th minute Mandela dribbled, stumbled around two defenders and the French keeper and pushed the ball into the empty net 1-3. Minutes later a long free kick from the right by David Lazarowicz slipped over the gloves of the Lions keeper and Mandela was there to head home for 3:2. With 12 minutes to play ReUnited pushed for the equalizer but the score remained 2-3 to the Lions. Man of match honors went to Lion Benjamin Guerin. With this important win the Puxi Lions remain in charge of the table.

In the Premier League the Shanghai Puxi Lions FC are top of the table together with FC Oranje with 6 points from 2 games. The Big Bamboo Shanghai Shooters AFC are on 3rd with 4 points. DIB FC, Shanghai ReUnited and Shanghai Krauts FC all have 3 points each. Shanghai Japan FC, Beaver United and Shanghai Vikings FC have 1 point each and Azzurri FC are at the bottom of the table with zero points and a massive headache.

Shanghai Lions FC grab SIFL Opening Tournament 2012


Last week the Veteran Lions clinched their second Shanghai Masters tournament title by beating the Shooters on penalties in the final !

Today was the turn to the SIFL Lions Team to show why we are the Lions!

We had 12 players including 16 year old Lucas and Gwenn who noticed that suddenly he was the oldest player on the pitch ! As coach I told the Lions this was not 11 aside and we needed to score first. Quite amazingl but it seemed everybody got the message including 007 Jonny just back from the UK 15 pound more heavy but he managed to score the first goal of the tournament and his last of course …..!

Group stage:

Top of the group setting us up versus Teranga who beat Shooters 2-0 and had several hot blooded games ! Key for us was to stay cool and we did just that a perfect dive of Allan gave us the penalty in the last minute and god bless Azzeddine took it to send us into the Semi-Finals ! The tournament scheduling seemed to be corrupted as we ended up playing DIB in the semi final whereas they were top of their group as well ! No need to see that we were motivated to put some history right ! A Great performance of the whole Lions squad sent the semi pro’s from Shanghai back home by a one goal screamer from Jerome!

Somehow the Shooters managed to get back into the final claiming they were best third in their group !!! We were motivated by this and to me we always like to play the Shooters in any final ! So this was it ! 6 games and no goals conceded but…………………… 5 minutes before the end the Shooters scored a header by their youngest players on the pitch ! But give the Lions 5 minutes to turn around a final and they will do just that ! A great finish by Azzeddine put us level and in the last two minutes Jonny 007 as left back went on a rampage running like Usain Bolt with the ball on his feet passed it to Damien our rooky of the day and GGGOOOOOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!

  • 1/4 Final Lions – Teranga 1-0
  • 1/2 Final Lions – DIB 1-0
  • 1/4 Final Lions – Shooters 2-1

Unbelievable good performance of the whole team 7 games all won and just one goal conceded in the whole tournament !

This means we are on the right track ! I hope everybody will come to the training Wednesday and we can have the same good start as the opening tournament in our first SIFL league game ! We will buy a nice trophee for ourselves as this was a truly memorable Lions performance !

Cheers /Happy Coach Freek

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