Lions voted as Shanghai Sports Team of the year 2012


Best Team Award 2013.Yesterday was a special day for the Lions as we were voted Shanghai best Sports Team for the third consecutive time by That’s Shanghai Magazine. Our award was the “people’s choice” which made us even more happy because it meant that many people recognized us as the best club in Shanghai and voted for us. A big thank you to all the people who have voted for the Lions and a big thank you for all the Lions, you truly deserved this award! Every single Lion have contributed to the award from the U18 until the veteran’s and from Saturday to the Sunday Lions ! Magic is the word !

It was good to see so many Lions present to receive the award at the Camel Bar and it showed our true spirit. I made an incredible journey of over 12 hours to arrive just two minutes before the presentation. Here is my story:

  • 800 AM wake up in Qinhuangdao plan is to take the 1130 flight to arrive 1400 in Shanghai
  • 900 AM see an email from my CEO that he wants to have a meeting at 1700 in Shanghai
  • 1000 AM found out that my plane never left Shanghai so sure I am going to be late as its too foggy in Qinhuangdao
  • 1100 AM plane still in Shanghai as that’s the only flight to Qinhuangdao on the day I start to worry about my meeting and the awards
  • 1200 AM plane will never leave Shanghai and I need to make a plan B
  • 1300 PM arrive in the train station and tell my CEO I cannot make it / he said no pbm we can meet tmw morning
  • 1530 PM arrive in Beijing Railway station / total chaos with thousands of CNY commuters
  • 1600 try to get a taxi but nobody stops ! Call my Beijing office and they tell me its total chaos on the road if I go by car to the airport I will not arrive before 1900 pm
  • 1615 in the subway but my colleague insist we are in the correct one but we go the wrong way / change subway and I am on the way to the airport
  • 1645 arrive in Beijing airport to catch 1730 flight / text Ned of That’s magazine that I might not making at all and say sorry.
  • 1730 flight delayed to 1815 text Charles to pick up the award / Charles replied : “you think we will win one”? Me : “ Of course we are the best Club in Shanghai”
  • 1815 in the plane but not taking off
  • 1915 in the plane but not taking off / text my wife to make sure my driver picks me up so we can go full speed to the Camel bar
  • 1930 plane takes off / I ask for beer but they only serve water…..!
  • 2130 landed and I started to sprint 500 meter shouting at people to move away as I am in a hurry
  • 2135 cannot find my driver and call him but I have no clue what he is saying in his dialect. He called my wife and after I called my wife but she also couldn’t understand him…..
  • 2137 I start to give up and I am fed up
  • 2140 I found him on the other side of the Honqiao terminal another sprint and call Charles I am in the car / full speed to the Camel Bar
  • 2158 I arrived !!! Unbelievable ! And now the most important award of the evening the people choice of Sport Team of the Year…
  • 2200 And the winners are ……..: “The Shanghai Lions” / I jump on the stage so happy! Everybody on the stage!


To me we are on long journey together and this is just the beginning and the moral of the story if you really want to make something happen you can ! All of us can that’s why we will have the best teams of Shanghai and that’s why we will continue to win trophies !


Happy President Freek

[SPL News] SPL has a record 11 teams this season

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are heading for the “mid-autumn” break. Time for the moon cakes and the winter grass to be seeded !

We had our first SPL Captain’s drink last Friday at Dr Beer and it was a success. It was a good time to exchange  ideas and views about the SPL as well we took the opportunity to make announcements. First of all we were pleased to announce that Shanghai 2000 FC has joined the SPL. Shanghai 2000 under leadership of Karl will play all their games at Century Park. Karl has both built the Jinqiao and the Century Park pitches and we are happy to cooperate with him and his team.

Secondly we learned that the Brasilian influence of the Hawks has resulted into an interesting development as they under the wings of Angelo and Mikael signed a marketing agreement for Gremio a first division club from Brasil to promote the club name in China. We are looking forward to the new looks of the Hawks.

Other ideas raised during the meeting were, to install goal line technology (to be the first in China) ,to have the standing of the SPL in the Clubhouse, to have post match interviews with the team managers and to organize a pub crawl for the SPL players were we visit bars/restaurants who sponsor SPL teams !

Please make sure all your registration are done on line before 18th of October. No more excuses as you had enough time to do it and its important to register. As to the league fees for the ones who didn’t pay yet be ready latest by 21st of October. For the extra games against Shanghai 2000 we will have to charge extra 1000 rmb (two games) this need to be settled latest by end December.

We have a 5 game program when we come back from the break on October 21st  :

  • 1000-1200 ERS – Japan
  • 1200-1400 Pistolera Bulls – Flamenkos
  • 1400-1600 Hawks – Gremio
  • 1600-1800  Marlins – Super 48
  • 1400-1600 Shanghai 2000 – Lions @ Century Park

Cannot wait to get back into action and look forward to see you all on the pitch(es) !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions crush Super 48

Good start for the SPL Lions!

  • 17 players selected. 13 on time. 2 arrived laterand 2 never appeared!!! That’s the only negative point of this week.
  • Game start with a 3-5-2 young line up.
  • 9-0 victory as a final score

Beginning of the game was not so easy because we had new players with a new composition. Super 48 played better football the first 20 minutes and logically dominated the game… But that was only the time necessary for us to get organized.

After that, we started to play better, get better organized, and start to push forward on Super 48 goal. Finally, Nico gave a nice cross ball to our captain Joe and his incredible header skills >> 1-0 for the Lions. While we were really implementing our domination, another center from Sebastian let Joe score another header…

Half time : 2-0 for the Lions

In 2nd half, we started to play faster with a strong defense and high positioned midfield… No any more chance for the Super 48. Joe, Gwen, Joe, Martin, Nico,  Joe twice again scored 7 goals in this 2nd half.

A really good start for the SPL Lions to be confirmed next weekend against the Cowboys (at 2pm)

Man of the Match (MOM): Joe ZIELKE (actual top score of the SPL)

Kicking Up a Storm

SIYSL gives kids an outlet to practice skills and sportsmanship on the field

Thirty-two soccer teams facing off in an emotionally charged, passionate and exciting seven-week-long derby. Is this the World Cup? No, this is the Shanghai International Youth Soccer League (SIYSL). While now a flourishing sports league (with kids and soccer moms packing the field every week), it had a very humble beginning back in the fall of 2006.

Noting the absence of opportunities for expatriate children to play soccer in Shanghai, founder Will Dong (along with two partners who both work in international schools) came up with the idea for a city-wide sports league. “We just wanted to provide a safe and fun soccer environment for expat kids,” says Will, “a place here in Shanghai where, if you like the sport, you can come and play together.”

lacking exposure, the first season was difficult but buoyed by children participating from the German and French international schools. Support also came from Active Kidz, who submitted a number of teams in the maiden season. Based off the positive feedback – and low registration fees – membership continued to grow. Will adds, “People realized we weren’t trying to be a very commercial organization and it spread quickly by word of mouth.”

Currently, there are two types of teams in the league: school teams and club teams, which are formed by kids from different international and bilingual schools all over Shanghai. Every year contains a spring and fall season and spans a period of six to seven weeks. Teams are in charge of organizing their own training and coaches, but all teams are brought together at the beginning of each season for an orientation and rundown of the game schedule.

According to Will, the league will soon be stepping up their game and moving to Shanghai Stadium, where kids will have the opportunity to play on a more professional level”. Will attributes the coup to the growing reputation of the league, “East Asia Group (owner of Shanghai Stadium) realized that this is a very good event for the community and they told us they want to fully support the league.”

The league’s organizers are now turning their attention to finding sponsors. Holding true to their philosophy, Will says, ‘If we can get sponsors, we’ll be able to waive the registration fee, which means more teams get the chance to join.”

Source:  Tim Tsiang / City Weekend / Parents&Kids / Aug. 16 – Oct.17 / Page 16

SIYSL gives kids an outlet to practice skills and sportsmanship on the field

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