It was a super weekend for the Lions

[ SIFL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-1 Oranje FC

It was excellent weather and playing condition were perfect last Saturday ! We were up against the dutch, Oranje FC in the SIFL. Our strength on the day was our excellent bench as we had a big and motivated squad. As for Oranje FC, they tried to keep the clean-sheet as long as they could. In the first 25 minutes we created some opportunities but failed to finish it off, shots went just wide or were blocked by their goalie. On the rare occasions that the Dutch were coming over the middle line we took advantage by quick counters. Azz opened the score on such an occasion and just before half time he scored our second.

In the second half we focused on scoring more goals as the goal difference is always important at the end of the season. All players coming off the bench made an impact first Nicolas who kept his goal scoring pace in tact as he scored twice followed by Gwen who almost wanted to retire from football after his goal ! Our debutant Jona also found the net and Kevin failed to score from a very close range. A slip of concentration gave an opportunity to the Oranje FC which they happily took as they made it 6-1. Last but not least our young local player Xu Ling scored as well to make the final score 7-1 for the Lions.

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-1 Marlins FC

On Sunday the weather was still good 22 degrees which was pretty warm for middle of  November. Again we had a large squad and again the hungry bench proved to make a big impact on the game however our opponent were our old rivals the Marlins so we knew we were up for a tough game. Our plan was to play compact and patiently wait for one or two counter attack. It went well in the early stages as our defend stood well and we got a few fast counters. However the Marlins took the lead after we couldn’t clear the ball.

The second half talk we focused on being positive as we knew we can turn things around. We quickly equalized by a great header from Fabie and the Marlins started to show some cracks mainly because we upped the tempo of the game and their midfield imploded. Felix took on their defense coming free on his left foot and had no problem to put us ahead. Jona scored again 5 minutes later another debut goal from him with a blast that the Marlins goalie only could see going in as it was a great strike. Nicolas proved his killer instinct as he scored again as well. By now the Marlins collapsed and we kept trying to score more goals. Good old Tomas scored twice and laid one off to Xu Ling. At the end of the game all of us were not sure about the final score as we scored so many in just 45 minutes that we lost track, however in the end it stopped at 7-1 and a well deserved historic win over the Marlins was a fact !

Our strength on the day was our bench and our combination of experienced Legends and 3 young players who all played very well combined with an inform Dim and rock solid defense and a very motivated (seems he got a good reason) Azzeddine ! Well done Lions !


Two 7-1 wins surely lifted our spirits now let’s all come to the training and work even harder for the big games ahead of us ! Coming weekend we play Reunited on Saturday and the Legends will play the Super 48 Master Tournament !


It is good to be a Lion !



Legends beat Super 48 3-0 to stay in the title race !


It was a beautiful day on Sunday close to 20 degrees and no pollution. We had three legends taking part in the Shanghai half marathon in the morning before the game and all finished with decent times. Believe or not the same 3 turned up for the game after the half marathon which showed the spirit and commitment to the team ! Well done Max , Bob & Nicolas ! Last but not the least, Fred Fuseau, who just got a knee operation a few days back, was helping out on the side line.

On the pre-game highlights, Matze had the unique chance to play a game with his son Victor who was visiting Shanghai; Big John played his first 80 minutes for a long time & Adil made his debut in the Legends team !

[ Veteran ] Super 48 FC 0-3 Shanghai LIONS

It was a must win game for us and hopefully we could score goals to work on our goal difference. The first 20 minutes we had to warm up & some Halloween liquids were still in some players legs. However we created a few good opportunities… best came from James after a great build up but Super 48 goalie stopped this great effort.

In the second 20 minutes we brought in Bob and Nicolas to have more fire power upfront and it helped as we got a penalty rewarded after a foul on Bob. He didn’t hesitate to step up to take the penalty kick himself knowing that (the other) Fred was on the side line watching… we were all happy to take a 1-0 lead.

In the next 20 minutes we played better and better and started to create more and more opportunities. It was on one of those our President himself got on the score sheet one day short of his 53rd birthday with a cool finish after Super 48 forgot to clear the ball.

In the final 20 minutes we wanted to score more goals and did that with a “aka Azzeddine” step over from our President which set up Matze’s son, Victor, to make it 3-0 for the legends !

We have two games to go and all four title contenders Japan, Emerald and Scotland will still play each other… Looking at our spirit we will never give up to clinch the title !



Lions beat Moksal Magic 7-1 in the SPL


This weekend was one to remember as despite the Lions not having a game on Saturday the rainfall and downpour was very heavy as it rained since Thursday and didn’t stop until Sunday Morning ! However the luck was on the SPL side as their games were all played on Sunday as the pitches at SCSC were in very good condition after the rains !

[ SPL ] Shanghai LIONS 7-1 Super 48 FC

We were up against former Super 48 who changed their name to Moksal Magic. As usual Japanese teams are fit and never give up fighting during the game. We started well and scored within three minutes with a fine goal of Matthieu after a good cross ! We extended our lead by a goal from our new local player Xu Lin who scored on his debut. After that we lost focus and Moksal started to be more hungry for a result and won most of the battles. They came very close to scoring but Dim in fine form on the day prevented a few good scoring opportunities. It was 2-0 at half time and in the second half we knew that we had to improve our game.

We looked better and more motivated after the break and soon Felix scored the 3-0 for us on a quick counter attack.  The next goal was a good effort from Rosie as he simply put the ball well place behind the keeper and made his first Lions goal ! Felix scored another one on the attack to make it 5-0. However the never give up mentality of Moksal paid off as they got a goal back and even a few minutes later they got a penalty and could have made it 5-2 but Dim our man of the match was on fire and stopped the penalty. In the last few minutes of the game we scored another two goals, first it was our President who got on the sheet after a Rosie assist and minutes later Felix completed his Hat-trick to make the final score 7-1.

Good result on the day and next up in the SPL will be Japan who got beaten 5-0 by ERS today ! In the SIFL we play the Krauts and in the SPL Veteran league we will play Super 48 / So all teams will be in action next weekend and that means that we want to see everbody showing up for the training on Tuesday to prepare for the games !



[SPL News] Marlins see red but stay on top of the SPL !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

Last Sunday October 16th, 2016 we had good playing condition unfortunately only two games as Galacticos had two team events on the day and couldn’t field enough players.

Marlins 6–1 Krauts

No Bilgin and No Manu but plenty of players for the Krauts ! Statistics of the Krauts winning games while king Bilgin is not there are not looking good as it would be a single digit figure. Marlins started strong and scored quick by James after a one two with Pete. Soon there was a second after a goal keeper error scored by Jamie Lally. The Krauts kept trying hard on fast counters and succeeded by a fast break on the wing and good finish by Gonzalo. Pete of the Marlins made it 3-1 with a fine header after a good cross. With half an hour gone there was a bust up between two players of each team and kevin gave them the marching orders. Bad luck stroke again for the Marlins as Ash Reid was unlucky to rupture and Achilles tendon and will be out for several months (We wish him a speedy recovery !). James scored his second for the Marlins just before half time. In the second half it was more of the same but when Banksy committed a professional foul it was his second yellow and Kevin ordered him to shower early ! Marlins left with 9 players only still managed to score two goals by Jamie G and James for his hat trick !

Century Park FC 3–0 Japan

Usually its Japan who are the best prepared for the start of the game but this time Century Park scored after 4 minutes by Fafa and soon scored their second by Shingi who scored two minutes later. Japan had to run behind the facts for the rest of the game and to finish of their solid performance they scored their third goal with 5 minutes to go by Shingi again.


This weekend we will have three games all at Waigaoqiao and the outlook is for rain but we should be good to play !

  • 1300-1500 Krauts – Galacticos @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1300 – 1500 ERS – Japan @ Waigaoqiao
  • 1500-1700 Lions – Super 48 @ Waigaoqiao


Enjoy the games !

Cheers Freek / Yamada-san

[SPL News] 10th season is over

Amigo’sand Amiga’s,

All good things come to an end. The SPL season is no exception ! We had three games to play before we could evaluate the final ranking and performances of the teams. The weather was good and this season we have been lucky with the weather ! No complaints to the weather gods from our side !

  • Flamenkos 1-1 ERS

There was nothing at stake anymore in this game and the atmosphere was very friendly. Leftovers from Frederik’s goodbye Shanghai Party were shared between the teams and the referees. ERS scored first and after that it was a festival of missing opportunities for the Flamenkos. Sharing the points and the friendship was a good way to  end the season for our number 5th and 6th of the SPL !

  • Galacticos 0-17 Marlins

Despite the high score line the game was always good in sport and credit to the Galacticos who never gave up to try and score a goal. Marlins were happy with the result and ended up drinking away the Shanghai Beer Stock in Blue Marlin after the game.  Banksy in person closed down the establishment in the dark hours of the night !

  • Shanghai 2000 1-9 Cowboys

It was hard for the Shanghai 2000 players to stop Zhuang our SPL top scorer ! He just never stops scoring goals. First half it was 0-5 and luckily Shanghai 2000 could score a goal in the second half as they missed a few opportunities in the first.


Looking back it was an amazing season with hardly any incidents. I think that’s a great achievement of all the managers and players of the SPL !  Of course the Referees and the Grass-masters have done a fantastic job every week ! Its the confirmation that we are on the right track in the SPL. In the SPL we all respect our opponents and we respect the game of football and yes we battle for 90 minutes but afterwards we shake hands and have a chat or a beer to talk about the game.

We played a record 110 games at the three best locations in Shanghai  ! Total goals scored 698 !

We will wait until the 16th of June at our end of the season party to put everybody in the spotlight. There will be plenty of awards to give away ! Don’t miss the party.

A Quick recap of the ranking :

  • 11th Galacticos – Difficult season for them as they struggled to have a solid team base after a few key players left last season. What stood out for me was their spirit and the love for the sport. Losing almost every week is hard for any team, but the Galacticos never ever gave up and still managed to have fun during the games.  If they can get a solid base group of players together next season they can be back at their best !
  • 10th Super 48 – Despite ending close to the bottom of the SPL Super 48 had their best seasons ever. They gave many teams a lot of trouble and the highlight for them was their victory over the cowboys. If every game was only 45 minutes long they would end up in the Top 6 of the SPL no doubt about that. They are a big contender for the Fairplay  Cup this season. As well its rumored they will change their name to Super 38 next season !
  • 9th Pistolera Bulls – Looking at the performance of the Bulls this season it’s obvious that with 91 goals conceded they had their problems in the defense. I have seen games where Bilgin opted for a one man defense, most of the time himself. In this way he could collect more yellow cards and in that sense the strategy worked. Overall fitness level is another point of concern for the Bulls as they are not getting any younger and some of their players need to carry the extra kilos. Bilgin is working on a mega deal with the largest fitness center operator in Shanghai to get his player back to their old level. Scoring is no problem for the Bulls with over two goals per game on average !
  • 8th Japan – This will be the lowest ranking for Japan in the SPL. One of the problems is that their top striker only scored 8 goals. If they could have scored more than their 46 goals they would easily have ranked 6th place or better. Of course their season had  highlights as well a come back to clinch a draw versus the Flamenkos after being down 5-0 will be remembered far beyond Tokyo ! A draw versus the Lions as well as its not easy to take points from them. We expect a better performance from Japan next season !
  • 7th Shanghai 2000 – Our rooky of the year ! Playing on the super pitch at Century Park as their home ground we can conclude that they had a decent first year in the SPL. Too bad that their top goals scorer Hugo had to leave China half way through the season but still they managed to score 63 goals. Shanghai 2000 are a team with experienced players and a good disciplinary record. In China that’s a good asset to own besides many properties !
  • 6th Flamenkos – If only everybody would have come to each game they promised to come they would have been in the top of the SPL.  A mix of Champions League games / Formula 1 / El Classico’s resulted in a small squad. If everybody was present they were a hard team to beat. With only 53 goals scored it as well were the missed opportunities that kept them out of the title race this season !
  • 5th ERS – A few very good players left at the end of last season. It resulted in a difficult first half of the season. It was their teams spirit that kept them alive and after Chinese New Year they had a very good run of results. Scoring goals was their problem you cannot blame their strikers as together they scored 50 pct of ERS’s total of 44 goals. A good scoring midfielder will surely send them in the top the SPL next season. ERS scouts are already searching the globe ! Fifth place out of 11 teams is not a bad result !
  • 4th Marlins – Before the start of the season Steve disclosed to me that their strategy was to win the SPL on goal difference in the final game of the season. For very long it seemed to be the right choice. They ended up scoring an all time SPL record of 123 goals ! Helped by goal scoring machines like Kevin and Fedja and Gui who together scored 63 pct of their total. However in the final games of the season they let the title slip out of their hands or feet…or heads. ! Having scored the most goals this season and having the second best defensive record in the league might leave you with the question why they only ended on the 4th place !
  • 3th Gremio – Very solid team performance until the very end of the season. First year to operate under the Gremio name and despite losing the title they can look back at a successful season. They had a solid defense the third best in the league but scored  a bit less goals compared to the other top 4 teams, 83 goals ! However some of those goals surely belong to the SPL “Best Goals of the Season” !
  • 2nd Cowboys – To say that the Cowboys were the surprise factor of the season is an understatement ! We never knew that Cowboys could play football ! They had a super season ending only 5 points behind the Lions. Their strength was their attacking duo Zhuang and Chen KL. Zhuang became the SPL top scorer with 40 goals ! The cowboys reached over 100 goals for the season in their last game. Defense was not as strong conceding 43 goals but overall a fantastic result for them !
  • 1st Lions – The Lions thought they had lost it when in the last game of 2012 they lost against the Marlins 4-3. However after the game all players stayed back for a few beers to heal the pain as team ! It helps to always be positive and the conclusion of the day was that they needed to win all the games left for the season in order the be Champions ! This is exactly what happened. The secret of their success was by all means their defense as they conceded only 2 goals in the rest of the season and 18 in total. By beating their closest rivals in the last games of the season we can say that they deserved the Championship !


Let’s all celebrate the good end of the season tournament on the 16th of June followed by the SPL Party and the SPL awards Ceremony !

Thank you for being part of the SPL. You all made the SPL Special !


Happy Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Shanghai Lions Veterans remain unbeaten!

[ Veteran ] Shanghai Lions 5-0 FC Shanghai Super 48

On Sunday 21st, the weather was better and even turned good in the afternoon! La “creme de la creme” of the Lions was ready for their third game. We were a bit low on numbers but with the help of Jack and Michael who looked very old on the occasion and having flown in Bibi for this game we were up for it against the 30 Japanese players of Super 48. Believe it or not but Charles scored a nice goal after 15 minutes. It seems he is more at ease with the veterans and performs better. Jeff out of all people scored the 2-0. In the second half Charles scored another goal and he acted as if that was normal for him, well…….! Now the pressure was on el Presidente as playing upfront you need to score. Missing a few chances resulted in some good laughs but somehow in a scramble in the goal area he managed to put the ball in the top corner. Straight away he broke the record of the oldest Lion to score, 49 years old. Yamada-san (52) the biggest threat for el Presidente didn’t find the net but he did find one of the Japanese Super 48 players who received a good kick on his leg from the old master. Bibi got himself on the score sheet as well and that was the end of morning of fun ! 5-0 win and with three game won its looking good for the Master Lions! Next game scheduled on May 11th against the Welsh “Shanghai Plaid Cymru”.

You can click here for complete information on Shanghai Lions Football Club Veteran Team, League Table, Fixtures & Results.

Cheers Freek

Lions strengthen their position on top of SIFL & SPL


We had a very interesting weekend with good results for both teams !

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 3-2 Shanghai Japan FC (09 Mar 2013)

On Saturday as we all know it was the hottest day in March since 1921 ! We had Japan on our menu and the plan was to start strong and make sure not to do anything stupid… Well Dim our goalie fell asleep in the subway and ended up taking the same stretch three times.

Chris in goal and for 7 minutes we really played well. After that disaster struck as we failed to clear a ball in the box and the Japanese got a toe to it and leaving Chris helpless 1-0. Never mind its good to come from behind once in while or?? Then Japan got their one and only corner of the game and even Jonny is taller than the Japanese so no problem for us right ? Well not really, they scored from the corner, unbelievable… Its started to look like a horror move. The only positive point about this bad spell was that we stayed calm and didn’t start to blame each other. Temperatures were rising and so did my blood pressure. Its not possible to drop points at this time of the competition versus Japan. God bless Romain put one back just before the half time.

Second half we played our game and Azz scored a nice free kick however after 15 corners and a few free kicks it was still 2-2. 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes to go…..2-2. Than out of nowhere Romain shot an easy ball towards the Japanese Goalie who seemed to pick it up but completely missed it and the ball rolled in ! 3-2 three points and 15 games won !

Without luck you can never be Champion ! At night most of the players were present to celebrate our Captains 30’s birthday. Spirit was very good and I didn’t mind to have a bad game before our “most important game of the season” in two weeks versus DIB !

[ SPL ] Pistolera Bulls 0-5 Shanghai Lions (10 mar 2013)

Sunday it was freezing cold and the wind was extremely strong. Right in front of our eyes we saw our main contender the Cowboys losing versus Super 48 who are on the bottom of the SPL. Chinese were so frustrated that they walked off the pitch with 5 minutes to go ! Our motivation was boiling to take this opportunity and I saw a Lions team with Championship ambition  on the field.

We played very solid football and were 2-0 up versus the Bulls at half time.

With the wind in our back we scored some great goals in the second half and with a 5-0 win we had our fifth clean sheet in row !

We could have scored more but Michael our made in “Kansas” striker was each time 10 meter off side. His explanation was that his running speed was too fast but most of us believe it was the opposite. We do remember Michael’s wrestling skills with the Bulls striker as he was lifted above the Bulls head as if he was a paper doll from Kansas. When we heard that the Marlins drew versus the French it was time to order more beer as we realized that things are looking good for the Lions with 5 games to go. For once we liked the French people !


Great weekend with both Lions teams on top of their leagues and both teams have 5 games to go ! Lets focus and train hard as each and every game left we need to win  !


Happy Freek

SPL Lions beat Super 48 for their 1st game of 2013

[ SPL ] Super 48 FC 0-3 Shanghai Lions (20 Jan 2013)

First game for our SPL Lions this weekend against the Japanese team, Super 48.

Game start at 2pm with 11 Lions against 10 SUPER 48… As coach Six ask it, the goal was to score as much as possible against this team, and that’s why we choice to start in 3-4-3.

As we excepted, it was a one way game were our defenders, Jeff, Mickael and Nathan had not a lot to do. But Lions don’t play well and play to slow. Even if Super 48 is an old team, they had a better fighting spirit as the Lions. Lions take it to easy and had opportunities, but play to slow. The Japanese could stay and way behind. So defending was easy and our shots were not on target…

Finally, Dave could score the 1st goal, just before the Half-time. Poor result for the Lions..

Lions have to be better in second half. We start to play a bit better, but we still miss the target again and again. Lions shoot for shoot, but not for score. Our forwarders are in a bad day.

Hopefully, we had a nice shot from our Midfield and captain Garret to score the 2nd  goal 25 minutes after the beginning of the 2nd half !!!

We need also our defender, Michael W. to come upfront and help us to score the 3rd and final goal.

We had many many opportunities to score, but we could not hit the target, even with very easy situations.

So we have a lot of work to do in finishing our opportunities in a good way, because we will not have so many opportunities against other teams.

Let’s work this weakness on training so that we can catch it up for the next game against the Shanghai 2000.

Coach Six

[SPL News] Big scores in the SPL

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,

We had our first “three locations 5 games weekend” as Waigaoqiao is becoming available again after the cricketers are packing up! Its more difficult to manage but in return we are able to play more games. For the teams who didn’t pay the fee yet you need to contact me and make an arrangement ASAP ! We are already looking forward to the Santa Cup 2012 please write down the date 16 December. It will be largest Santa Cup ever with over 20 teams attending and we do hope for some early snow to make it more attractive !

  • Gremio 3-0 Super 48

As per above picture the Hawks changed into Gremio and that means more camera’s at the pitch and more samba football in Jinqiao ! Gremio was nice to Super 48 as they missed many opportunities and to be fair both Super goalies did a good job to keep the damage small.

Not the result the Lions wanted to see but they could only blame themselves by not taking their chances ! As this was a 1000 AM Waigaoqiao kick off the Lions found a few players missing due to the Halloween parties in Shanghai the night before.

  • Shanghai 2000 3-4 ERS

ERS is still unbeaten this season and the man in form Nico Ch scored a hat-trick ! Shanghai 2000 is getting more and more used to the SPL level and come close in this game.

  • Pistolera Bulls 1-10 Cowboys

Bilgin’s men were not ready as they found themselves trailing 0-3 within the first 15 minutes. Cowboys were in control of the Bulls and that seems logical if you are a Cowboy!

  • Marlins 13-1 Galacticos

Not sure whether this was a football game looking at the score line ! Fedja the Marlins striker already scored 14 goals this season so defenders you are warned upfront !

Next Sunday we have four games :

  • 930-1130 ERS – Super 48
  • 1130-1330 Gremio – Japan
  • 1330-1530 Flamenkos – Cowboys
  • 1400-1600 Pistolera Bulls – Shanghai 2000

Hope that some of the lower ranked teams can get some points this Sunday ! Good Luck to everybody !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

Lions crush Super 48

Good start for the SPL Lions!

  • 17 players selected. 13 on time. 2 arrived laterand 2 never appeared!!! That’s the only negative point of this week.
  • Game start with a 3-5-2 young line up.
  • 9-0 victory as a final score

Beginning of the game was not so easy because we had new players with a new composition. Super 48 played better football the first 20 minutes and logically dominated the game… But that was only the time necessary for us to get organized.

After that, we started to play better, get better organized, and start to push forward on Super 48 goal. Finally, Nico gave a nice cross ball to our captain Joe and his incredible header skills >> 1-0 for the Lions. While we were really implementing our domination, another center from Sebastian let Joe score another header…

Half time : 2-0 for the Lions

In 2nd half, we started to play faster with a strong defense and high positioned midfield… No any more chance for the Super 48. Joe, Gwen, Joe, Martin, Nico,  Joe twice again scored 7 goals in this 2nd half.

A really good start for the SPL Lions to be confirmed next weekend against the Cowboys (at 2pm)

Man of the Match (MOM): Joe ZIELKE (actual top score of the SPL)

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