Shanghai Lions Football Club

12 Lions in Phuket

Since several month already, MC organizer Charles Georg ensured that we come with the strongest squad ever… He did such a good job as we had 11 fit and motivated guys ready to keep the title in Shanghai. For the first time also, we had a coach. Indeed Romain Haution injured himself clumsily two days before the departure and the team members decided to appoint him “coach” for the competition.

We all took our plane and finally arrived safe and sound at the villa Friday night. As the plan A failed (drink water, talk about tactic and watch a football game) we decided to take the plan B (all players go to Patong, bring a LB and enjoy at the villa). As you can imagine, the night was short especially for JLC who for the first time in his life fall in love…

Day D, the road to the pitch was a mess as we had the only one Malaysian driver on the island. Fortunately my new boyfriend spoke Malaysian and could tell the driver the way to the stadium. Tactic was to sub as much as possible and play 2-3-1 to have a strong midfield. First game, we won 5-0 but second we lost 2-1 against the vodka’s drinker Russian team. The coach Romain who has now a new assistant knew he had to do something. His boyfriend assistant had a good idea and proposed a “happy end massage”. We finally decided only change the tactic. 3-2-1 was the new line-up. Well done as we won the last game 1-0.

Day two 11:00 am, we couldn’t find the van (as Allan decided to used it for personal reason) but we still managed to arrive on time at the pitch. We won our first game 3-0 and also the second 1-0. We are now in semi-final against the middle-east team, same team we won last year. After a missed penalty, we thought we couldn’t lose anymore but they have fast and young players. After a good run they ultimately scored a goal. We pushed the last five but it wasn’t enough…

Time for party. Everyone decided to imitate JLC and his LB’s friend and have a mustache.

We enjoyed the all night and finally flew back to Shanghai.

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