Santa was not there for the legends

Shanghai Santa Football Cup

As a long lasting tradition, the legends were up again for the 2018 edition of the Shanghai Santa Football Cup. As 18 teams were involved this year, veterans were delocalized to a second venue at Wellington playground.

Earlier in the week, the squad looked fantastic rising our hope being the 1st Lions team to lift Santa’s trophy. Unfortunately, few late cancellations narrowed the squad to its diet limit. As the idea of the
Shanghai Santa Football Cup is not about winning but having fun, we realized that it was a chance to play football among ourselves for one last time in 2018. Then, led by captain Jerome, we putted our Santa hat and played with our brave hearts !

Lions Legends 0-0 Emerald B

For our 1st game of the day, we were facing Emerald B. Both teams seems a little rusty in their physical and mental preparation and the game ended up 0-0

Lions Legends 0-0 England

For our 2nd game, it was England FC at the menu with the same result…

Lions Legends 0-0 Wellington

For the 3rd game of the day, we were facing our local host of the day. With no mercy, Mike putted his Santa gear and scored a beautiful header as Christmas gift.

Lions Legends 0-1 Japan

For our last group game, only a win against Japan could let us go through the final.  We knew that we had to attack and this is what we did… Japan FC as fine harbour tactician waited for us and killed us on one of their few counter strike…

For the record, P/F FC won the trophee beating Japan FC 1-0 into final.

Great afternoon with great people ! We didn’t score much but we tried… Anyway, we had a great spirit today and good laugh ! Thank you all and merry Christmas !

Jerome A

Santa Cup 2018 won by Lions U18

Santa Cup 2018

For the Santa Cup 2018 edition, we were kind of lucky with the weather as the day before its was freezing cold in Shanghai. With 8 teams all decorated with Santa hats we were good to go. The lions had a small senior team with only 8 players and the president as goalie but also a large youth squad with 14 players ! The Seniors lost their first match vs. Wellington 3-2 but went on a rampage in their second match scoring 9 goals in 20 minutes and kept a clean sheet. In the final match against the Kickers they went 2-0 up but let them come back only to take the win in the very last minute 3-2 which allowed them getting into the final. In the other group, U18 Lions also lost their 1st match vs the Marlins 1-2… Here as well, they they won their 2nd game against Da Marco 2-1. On their last match, they beat Japan 4-2 to set up an all Lions final !

Both the Seniors and the Lions U18 didn’t want to lose this edition Santa Cup 2018 edition. Both teams tried their best to score first but with the goalies on fine form the match ended in 0-0 ! Penalties were needed to decide the winner and there were a few misses… Lewis‘ ball is still missing after his penalty went into orbit and Chris, on his side, helped Lions U18 with his wide shot. In the end the Lions U18 won 5-4 and were happy to take the Santa Cup 2018.

It’s the first time in over 10 years that a Lion’s team win the Cup ! It was a great day with a lot of fun matches ! Well done young Lions and fully deserved !

Happy Freek

Lions U18 beat DEQ in a tight game

Last saturday Lions U18 were facing DEQ. It’s what we can call a high level game. Both team were quite organized in the attackS and disciplined in defense. Hard to find a door open. Lions took the lead with a goal of Matty facing the keep after few chances missed though. 3min later, a long cross from the right back of DEQ found the left wing to control and score the 1-1. Not much happened after that.

Second half started well and both keepers were quite busy and the technical level was really good as well. Finally, DEQ took the lead 2-1 after a counter attack on a Lion’s freek kick. 2 vs 3 and a strong shoot that the keeper couldn’t handle and made a small mistake. Lions reacted right away with corner and Jason got the header. 2-2. And it’s Finally Matty 5 minutes after that try a long distance shot, keeper was unlucky and made a small mistake as well that helped Lions to take the lead. 5 min to go and DEQ got 2 chances to score and win the game. End up in the post for the 1st one with a nice movement, 2nd one was in, but Noel our keeper deflect it in the post as well and the unlucky DEQ girl couldn’t push it in the goal.


Really interesting game from both side. Congrats to Dulwich Earthquakes and Lions for this fairplay game.

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Shanghai Lions beat Marlins 5-0

It was the biggest match of the season so far, two undefeated teams going head-to-head, renewing their historic rivalry! A full Lions squad arrived early and ready to go, eager to get revenge after losing the championship to the Marlins last season.

The opening stages of the match saw the Lions sit back, content to let Marlins play out of their defence. The Marlins midfielders looked to get the ball out wide quickly before crossing from deep into the box. The early crosses from deep gave a preview of the Marlins’ game plan and allowed our new center backs, Koen and Jesse, to settle into their first Lions-Marlins match by winning the early aerial battles. The Marlins often looked for cross-field switches as they looked to get their speedy wingers involved, but Masa and Nico were dominating their individual matchups and didn’t allow their Marlins wingers to get comfortable in the game. The Marlins had one or two crosses that looked threatening and a few shots from distance but, for the most part, our keeper Noel wasn’t challenged.

As both teams settled into the game, the Lions found opportunities to break with speed. The Marlins didn’t look comfortable on the few occasions that the Lions pushed up and pressed them higher up the field and they started to become frustrated with themselves. Romain, Azz and Tyrone had half-chances, but the score remained 0-0 until Azz broke down the left-hand side on a counter-attack, beat his man around the outside, and whipped a looping shot into the far corner of the net from close to the endline. 1-0 Lions! The pace of the game picked up and Marlins pushed forward. As their midfielders surged forward and their wingbacks pushed on, it left room for the Lions to exploit on the counter-attack. On one of these occasions, Azz held the ball up looking for the run of Romain only to see a blur of speed bursting through the middle of the Marlins defense! Patrick made the run, Azz put the ball through the gap, and Pat slide the ball passed an onrushing keeper. 2-0! Tempers started to flare as the game heated up just before half-time, but it went to half 2-0.

The Lions utilized their bench and made a few changes at half-time. It was a true team effort, with each player giving everything they had when on the pitch. The second half started similarly to how the first half ended. Marlins continued to launch long balls into the box, but Koen, Jack, Masa, and Nico dealt with them with relative ease. The midfield subs kept doing the job that Yohan, Pat, Tyrone, and Zach did in the first half, containing the space in the middle and looking to break with speed. The Lions pushed further up the field, pressing the backline of the Marlins who didn’t look comfortable under pressure. The game was tense as the next goal would be important. If Marlins got it, they would feel they had a way back into the game. If the Lions got it, it would put them just about out of reach. It took a moment of magic. Azz received the ball 35 yards out, turned his man and looked up to see the Marlins keeper off his line and sublimely chipped him from distance! 3-0 Lions!

The Marlins continued to push for a goal but started to become more and more frustrated with themselves, the referee, and the Lions. It was a sign of the Lions success. Our game plan had not given the Marlins a chance. The Marlins continued to look for opportunities down the wings and once or twice put dangerous crosses into the box. Noel remained alert, confident, and showed a safe pair of hands in goal despite the rainy conditions. The Lions didn’t stop and continued to pressure the backs of the Marlins. Dave put their left-back and keeper under pressure causing a poor clearance that Matty intercepted. Matty got to the loose ball ahead of the scrambling Marlins and laid it off to Dave for the easiest of tap-ins. 4-0! As the game drew to a close, pressure by Matty lead to Tyrone winning the ball in the Marlins half and putting them on the back foot again. Tyrone fed Matty who beat two defenders before smashing it low into the far corner. 5-0! The fifth was the icing on the cake and the Lions enjoyed a sweet victory, our largest over the Marlins since a 7-1 thrashing in 2016.


The beers after the game were well-deserved and the Lions will now get back to work to build upon this impressive victory.

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Legends beat Shanghai Scottish FC and get on top of the league

Shanghai Scottish FCFor this top of the league game versus Shanghai Scottish FC, the pressure was on as the gaffer was in Holland for family purposes. The coach team of the day was Max & Fred, turnout was not going to be a problem, We play a well know french formation with two defending midfield just behind the forward line and Kevin as the orchestre.

The 1st quarter started very well and it was all about defense, Matze injured, we had to make a quick fix, we decided to put Rommie next to Laid in central defense, And what a combination, we played really good football and everyone worked hard, the Scot were top class, and they keep fighting

In the 2nd quarter we kept the same shape, we keep pushing and pushing, and the battle in midfield started to show, we gave so much and we just got one chance from a free kick that came very close from Laid. Then, we finally got our chance with an assist from Imad to Bob with a very clinical finish… The evian is obviously the best thing ever… 1-0

In the 3 & 4 quarter it was Pascal show, 3 great save in a space of 15 minutes… we could have easily been down 2 or 3 but he took is responsibility and the opponent just could not get trough. Very close to the end, it was Rommie who saved us just on the line… James did the same in the 3rd quarter also with a super power shot which ended up on his forehead…


What a spirit we had in the team with everyone ready to die for eachother and we just did that !

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