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A small legend squad but a big score

Suddenly the warm weather was over last Sunday we had to deal with a strong wind from the North ! Another issue was that 10 minutes before kick off we only had 10 players and with a late cancelation of two players the most we could get was a squad of 12 ! Looking at the 20 Japanese players of Strosso our opponent we started to think about the best strategy and whether to start with the win against us are in our back !

We started against the wind and our plan was to score first quickly so that if we would run out of energy towards the end of the match we could defend our lead ! From the kick off we looked sharp with 11 motivated players we kept good possession and when Strosso got the ball we intercepted it several times and went for the goal ! We came close several times but it was Mamdouh who proved to be too fast for the Japanese players and gave us a 1-0 lead with a fine solo run and a good finish !

Our defense was not in the mood to gave away any presents and our midfield was working well together and our forwards were making runs and creating space for others ! It was a great strike of Romain that gave us a 2-0 lead and two minutes later it was Germain who tried his luck from distance and saw his effort fly in the goal and the icing on the cake was from Mehdi who didn’t hesitate to make it 4-0 ! Waauw that was a great performance in 20 minute 4-0 up !

The worry about the lack of players was gone and smiles appeared on our faces ! In the next 20 minutes we played less disciplined and waisted a couple of good scoring opportunities however Romain scored his second to make it 5-0 !

In the third 20 minutes the President came on to help the team and when he ordered Nico to run after a ball that seemed to go out he went for it and got the ball in the last second surprising the Strosso defender and keeper and could score easy in an empty goal to make it 6-0 !

Meanwhile Alex was trying to catch up with Laurent”s Yellow card record tried a variance of three different slide tackles but to his disappointment he didn’t get any card..!

In the last 20 minutes we still played strong with the wind in our backs and Clement and our defense were motivated to get the clean-sheet ! When Germain saw our President free on the edge of the box he delivered a nice assist and the President took the chance with a strong finish on the inside of the post and the ball bounced in the goal to the joy of all our Legends ! Just turned 60 it was a goal for the record books being the oldest Lion players to score a goal in a league match ! Records are there to be broken let see who will do that in the future !

After the match we all felt good about our team performance all of us delivered a good match and it was a joy to play for everyone !

Obvious the beers tasted good after a 7-0 victory !

Lets go Legends keep up the good work !


Happy Freek

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