[Throwback] – Lions FC broadcasted LIVE on PPTV Sport Channel

It doesn’t happen often in one’s amateur football life having the chance to play in front of television camera… A little less than one year ago, our club & president gave this lifetime opportunity to some of us.

A rare privilege & memory to be cherished. Thank you president!
Next time, we would like the same in Nou Camp 🙂

Watch game highlights on Youku (ps: you need to disable your VPN)

Click here to watch the full game


An historic event having one of our SPL game being live broadcast on PPTV. The setting was perfect at Century Park with 5 camera’s around the field… The match didn’t disappoint either with a 4-2 score line. We hope to repeat this in the future as PPTV is watched all over China and actually is the largest internet TV company in the world ! A perfect set up to let the local chinese people enjoy our SPL football games.

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Lions enjoyed the SPL end of the season tournament !


It was Charly’s last game for the Lions on Chinese soil as after spending more than 10 years in China he and his family are moving back to France. We had two teams in the groups and it meant we could let the new players and youngsters have a taste of SPL football. Unfortunately, it started to rain in the morning and never stopped but once on the field in action it didn’t matter anymore. As our trade mark both teams lost their first game and after that it was game on. In our second game against the cowboys which we won Dani got hurt on his ankle and unfortunate for him and the lions that was the end of the tournament for him. Next up we beat ERS and drew 1-1 vs Century Park, but it was not enough as ERS won the final against Super 48. We played for third place and won by penalties. Charles last kick was a penalty which he blasted in the left corner overall a fun day our other team ended 7th end after a penalty shoot our vs the Marlins.

After the match we received our 10th SPL Championship trophy  ! The special reward went to Charly who was the first player to be crowned “legend” of the SPL after all he had contributed to make the SPL a success !

Great day and we hope all the Lions will come this Friday to the farewell party ! But of course first expect everybody to turn up for our next training on Tuesday to keep working on our fitness and skills !

Cheers Freek













Lions clinched their 10th SPL title out of 13 seasons !



Finally it was a beautiful day and we played on the perfect pitch of Century Park. With a 17 players strong squad on paper all looked good ! However for whatever reason we only had 11 players when we kicked of ! We were up against the youngsters of Century Park who needed to win to keep a very slim chance of winning the title. For us a draw would be enough so with a thin squad we needed to play smart and use our experience. That’s how it went in the first half we were patiently waiting for one deadly break through and tried to make the opponent tired by keep possession of the ball. Danni came very close but his well placed shot went wide. Century Park did come close a few times when they found a hole in our midfield but they lacked the final finish. It was 0-0 at half time and we knew we can make with another 45 minutes to go ! It was a reckless challenge of one of the Century Park players on Mathieu that brought them down to 10 men. We didn’t change our game plan and with more space between the forwards and defends we started to get more dangerous on the counters. It was Danni on the run and he was brought down on the edge of the box. It was a perfect spot and the Century Park goalie didn’t position himself well so Danni blasted the ball in the net ! It lifted our spirits and we could sense that we wouldn’t give it away ! However the referee had other thoughts when he decided that a perfect tackle of Jack was a penalty for Century Park. Dim chose the right corner but couldn’t stop the ball. We kept our calm and that’s one of our biggest strength as if we get a set back we respond on the field and within 5 minutes a super through ball from Danni found Azzeddine who out ran the defenders and passed the ball to Felix who needed two shots to simply put the ball in the net ! Century Parks players heads were down and we started to enjoy the moment. A foul on Azzeddine in the box gave us a penalty in the last minutes of the game and our Captain Dave was there to start the party with good strike. It was 3-1 the final score and champagne was opened and together with some legends who came and watch it was party time ! Well deserved title as we scored the most goals and conceded the least in the SPL. Great team effort on the day with such a thin squad !


It was a great end of a great season for the Lions winning both the Saturday (SIFL) and the Sunday (SPL) leagues in Shanghai ! A big thank you to all the players and players who left us during the season and to the coaches and management and supporters for this great achievement ! We can be proud to be a lion and Mondays are always good for Lions !


Now it’s time to party and enjoy some time to relax after all the hard work we did during the season !



June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (1) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (2) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (3) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (4) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (5) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (6) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (7) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (8) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (9) June 5th 2016 CPK game pic (10)


Lions stay on top in the SPL after they beat ERS 3-1 !



The moment we stepped on the great pitch of Century Park it started to rain and it never stopped so it made it a bit harder for the players. For the spectators the game didn’t disappoint as both teams were playing their best and it was a great game to watch ! We had a strong squad with 5 motivated subs on the bench. In the first part of the game the Lions tried to slice thru the ERS defense and especially Tevz managed to get through on the left. On one occasion he was brought down when he wanted to shoot on target but the referee had no intention to give us a penalty. Ers was sitting back patiently trying to overcome the Lions storm but with a brilliant individual act of their striker flipping the ball over Jack and after that over Dim they took a 0-1 lead. It was a set back for the Lions but we responded within 5 minutes when Danni broke loose and blasted the ball in the top corner. Ers was caught off guard by the quick response and soon after made a defensive error which Danni converted with ease. It was 2-1 at half time and we knew it was far from over however the fresh legs of the subs coming in did help the team. We decided to play compact and not to rush forward. In the end we didn’t give a way any scoring opportunity to ERS except for some long distance shots. We were dangerous on the counter both Felix and Allan had great scoring opportunities but the slippery field made it hard to control the ball. We did get our reward after great build and a good assist fm Dave to Azz to make it 3-1. Credit to ERS who kept trying until the final whistle. In the end it was an important win as with three games to go we are still 3 points ahead of Century Park and we have one game in hand !

The beers afterwards at the Kerry Hotel tasted very good and that was a good preparation for our next game against old rival the Marlins ! Let’s support the Lions and all come and watch our last games of the season !


On Saturday we will play our last game of the season against the Shooters the Hebiguchi Cup final to make it trophy number 3 !

ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (1) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (2) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (3) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (4) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (5)


Cheers Happy Freek

Lions stay on top of the SPL after 7-4 win !



We were up against the Krauts one more time now in the SPL ! The Krauts beat us early in the season and this time we surely didn’t want it to happen again ! Lions started well and took a quick 1-0 lead by Dave. However the Krauts surprised us by a long range shot flying over Tom our goalie 1-1. Azzeddine helped Dave to score his second of the game and after that the Lions took control of the game with good combination football. It was Aga who made the 3-1 however the Krauts came back after rebound from a free kick. Mathieu got himself on the score sheet to make it 4-2 at half time. In the second half Tevz went on a characteristic run and finished nice in the opposite corner.  Krauts did get a goal back but Patrick who played his last SPL game got his name on the score sheet after Azzeddine passed the ball to him when he took a penalty ! Nicolas got himself as well on the scoresheet to make it 7 goals for the Lions. Final score was 7-4 and we now have 4 games to go in the SPL against the big teams, Cowboys / Marlins / ERS and Century Park ! We are looking forward to those games !


The Legend clinched a 5-2 victory over FC Strosso. Without goalie and stand in goalies Freek / Andy / Max we tried to keep a clean sheet but they got a penalty and had one counter during the game and scored both ! Pretty efficient however we had some very nice and fast combinations and great goals ourselves. A well-deserved win in our new kit arranged by fred our next game will be on May 22nd against Fc Ferie !


Cheers Freek

Lions keep winning !



On Saturday the Lions faced the Orange a must win game because our closest competitors both won their games. Our game plan was to start aggressive and get an early goal. We did just that right after kick off within one minute Romain nicely put the ball in the top corner. Full of confidence we started to look for more goals but the Dutch Wall stood well and beside Felix hitting the post our other efforts were not on target. Danni did make it 2-0 with a header just before half time. In the second half we pushed for more goals as the goal difference is important at this stage of the competition. Right after the kick off of the second half we struck again and this time it was Patrik who finally scored for the Lions with an easy tip in ! Actually the dutch played better in the second half as they pushed more forward and created a few chances however it left their defends exposed on Lions counter attacks ! We did work on our goal difference as with more goals from Danni, Tevz, Benji 2 x and Azzeddine 2 x the game ended with a 9-0 win ! The president keen to get on the score sheet as well had a great chance when he was alone in front of the keeper as his head said chip it over him but his feet didn’t listen as the ball was an easy catch for the dutch goalie !


On Sunday the Lions faced Japan and were having a thin squad without their regular goalie Dim who was replaced by stand ins Garret and Francois. The start was good as the Lions took a 2-0 lead with goals from Tevz and Gwenn with a 30 meter blast ! In the second half Japan came back and scored so in the end the Lions had to fight and dig deep the keep the three points and stay on top of the SPL ! They just did that !


Next week were are off due to the Qinming Festival but the weekend after we have big games ahead of us ! On Saturday we will play the Azzuri and our competitors Reunited and Shooters will play each other in their last match of the season ! Let’s go for all three points and hope they will draw as that would be fantastic for us ! On Sunday we play Super 48 in the SPL with 6 games to go in that competition only a win will do !


Let’s all join the training to stay sharp and focused as we are reaching the final stages of the season !


Cheers Freek

oranje 002 oranje 005 oranje 016 oranje 018 oranje 026

Mixed results for the Lions this weekend !



On Saturday, we were up against the Krauts, a German team with a good German mentality. It does happen sometimes during a season that a team is switched off and its hard to explain but the Lions were just not there in the first 45 mn. We could have substituted the whole team except our goalie Radouane who was keen to keep a clean sheet. Arnault got a great chance to open the score with a header but he missed in front of the open goal. Patrick hit the cross bar and Bilgin the krauts coach re-invented the german wall as he ordered all his players to defend on their own half. In the second half, we played better and created plenty of opportunities but failed to take the them. Felix got the best chance for the Lions as the ball already passed the keeper and a slightest touch would have rolled the ball in the goal but somehow he shot the ball over the cross bar. It stayed 0-0 in the end and it was a fair result. We are still full in the title race as the Shooters drew as well. We have 3 games to go and our next game will be in 2 weeks against the Dutch !


On Sunday, we were up against Gremio. We tried to capitalize on the slow start of Gremio as their players arrived late. Tomas and Kevin could have both opened the score in the first 5 minutes but their shot went over the cross bar. Tevz was dangerous on the wing and a foul on him gave us a penalty, which not many players wanted to take. So the honor went to Allan, just back from Colombia and he saw his effort stopped by the Gremio goalie. Tomas hit the cross bar with a nice free kick but it stayed 0-0 at half time. In the second half, we played a bit faster and were looking for the opening goal. A tomas free kick found Laid who tipped the ball behind the keeper ! Finally we scored ! We should have been 2-0 up soon after when Charles was alone in front of the keeper but his effort was too soft and an easy pick up for the goalie. In the dying seconds Gremio hit the cross bar but it stayed 1-0 for the Lions. A good result for the Lions which kept us number one in the SPL with a 3 points lead.


Let’s all come to the training on Wednesday and stay focused ! The Lions Legends will play this Sunday against the Emerald in their second game of the season !


Lets go Lions ! Cheers Freek

Gremio game March 13th 2016 (1) Gremio game March 13th 2016 (2) Gremio game March 13th 2016 (3)

All upcoming games until end of May 2016



Please see below the list of all upcoming games until end of May 2016:

April 2016:

– SIFL last game Sat. April 16th at 3pm vs KRAUTS  at WGQ

– SPL Sun. April 17th at 1pm vs COWBOYS at Jinqiao

– SIFL Champions Cup game Wed. April 20th at 8pm vs KRAUTS  at Training Field

– SIFL Champions Cup Sat. April 23rd at 1pm vs JAPAN at WGQ

– LEGENDS Sun. April 24th at 11am vs STROSSO at WGQ

– SPL Sun. April 24th at ? vs KRAUTS at ?


May 2016:

– SIFL Champions Cup Sat. May 7th at 11am vs SHOOTERS at WGQ

– SPL Sun. May 15th at 1pm vs ERS at Jinqiao

– LEGENDS Sun. May 22nd at 11am vs FERIE at WGQ

– SPL Sun. May 22nd at 3pm vs MARLINS at Jinqiao

– SPL Sun. May 29th at 3pm vs CENTURY PARK FC at CENTURY PARK

Lions stay on top in the SPL despite losing against the Marlins !



When the game started the weather was nice ! We had a highly motivated team at the start of the game as we like BIG games and games against the Marlins are always a fierce battle. In the first half both team were mainly battling it out on the midfield not many opportunities for both sides. The lions were more skill full in the short passes but the Marlins defending strong. It was 10 minutes before half time when a good pass from Charles found Danni who dubbed the ball to Azzeddine and with a quick pass Danni got the ball back and finished to make it 1-0. Soon after we got a great opportunity to make it 2-0 but we missed for the open goal ! In the second half we lost some of our midfield play and the Marlins with the help of the wind started to counter more with long balls. A dubious penalty given by the referee put the Marlins back in the game 1-1 and soon after disaster struck when Jack our defender was clearly tripped by a Marlins attacker in our box but instead of the free kick for us, Kevin the referee gave the Marlins a corner. We didn’t deal well with it and the scored 2-1 ! We had to push forward ourselves now and with our young squad we tried to get a least an equalizer however it was not to be our day. Frustrating day for us but we are still on top of the SPl with one point more than Century Park FC and plenty of games to go as we are only half way in the season !


Our next game will be Sunday 1300 @ waigaoqiao against the galacticos


Cheers Freek

Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (4) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (3) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (2) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (1)

Lions are back on top of the SIFL after beating SHOOOTERS 2-0!


It was a memorable day last Saturday ! Mainly because of the extreme winter condition we had to play in. The temperature was not above zero but it was the strong wind which caused havoc as it felt like – 10 ! The key was to stay focused as the opponents were our old rivals the Shooters and we needed a result to keep the title race in our own hands.

It was great to see that despite the circumstances we had a team of supporters under the leadership of Big John cheering the players. We decided to play a compact squad but with 3 strikers upfront. The Shooters opted for Kevin as lone striker upfront which allowed us to build up the play from the back. The first big chance was not for us but for the Shooters as Kevin thought he certainly scored but our goalie Radouane saved it. On the other end, a slip up in the Shooters defence and a good combination play between Dani and Az put Dani in front of Chris Banners the Shooters goalie and nicely finished it to give us the 1-0 early lead. It was a good start and with the help of the wind in our backs we created a few other opportunities and started to win most battles in the midfield. After a good half time talk in the dressing room this time we knew that if we kept the focus on our defense we could win the game. Shooters pushed forward with long ball by order of Zippy in the box but Radouane seemed to be unbeatable on the day as well our veteran Legend Jeremy cleared one ball of the line with his head. On the other side the Lions played well on the counters and actually it was a great game to watch. With 7 minutes to go on the clock Dani decided the fate of the Shooters as he scored the 2-0 on a fast break. The Lions didn’t let go this lead and took all 3 points and with ReUnited losing against Japan 1-0, it put us back on top, with 1 point ahead but with 1 game in hand and only 6 games to go ! Our next game in the league will be right after CNY against ReUnited and we are looking forward to this game !

Sadly, after the game, we had to say goodbye to Yngven and Therese who are moving back to Norway and we thanked them for their outstanding games for the Lions and the Lions Legends teams. We hope they will come back one day and wish them well back home !

On Sunday, the games were cancelled which proved a good choice as the day temperatures were -6 degrees in Shanghai ! Let’s keep the momentum going and all comes down to the trainings. We are fully in the run for both SIFL and SPL titles ! Lets go for it Lions !


Cheers Frozen Freek

Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (7) Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (6) Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (5) Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (4) Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (3) Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (2) Shooters game Jan. 23rd 2016 (1)

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