Lions stay on top in the SPL after they beat ERS 3-1 !



The moment we stepped on the great pitch of Century Park it started to rain and it never stopped so it made it a bit harder for the players. For the spectators the game didn’t disappoint as both teams were playing their best and it was a great game to watch ! We had a strong squad with 5 motivated subs on the bench. In the first part of the game the Lions tried to slice thru the ERS defense and especially Tevz managed to get through on the left. On one occasion he was brought down when he wanted to shoot on target but the referee had no intention to give us a penalty. Ers was sitting back patiently trying to overcome the Lions storm but with a brilliant individual act of their striker flipping the ball over Jack and after that over Dim they took a 0-1 lead. It was a set back for the Lions but we responded within 5 minutes when Danni broke loose and blasted the ball in the top corner. Ers was caught off guard by the quick response and soon after made a defensive error which Danni converted with ease. It was 2-1 at half time and we knew it was far from over however the fresh legs of the subs coming in did help the team. We decided to play compact and not to rush forward. In the end we didn’t give a way any scoring opportunity to ERS except for some long distance shots. We were dangerous on the counter both Felix and Allan had great scoring opportunities but the slippery field made it hard to control the ball. We did get our reward after great build and a good assist fm Dave to Azz to make it 3-1. Credit to ERS who kept trying until the final whistle. In the end it was an important win as with three games to go we are still 3 points ahead of Century Park and we have one game in hand !

The beers afterwards at the Kerry Hotel tasted very good and that was a good preparation for our next game against old rival the Marlins ! Let’s support the Lions and all come and watch our last games of the season !


On Saturday we will play our last game of the season against the Shooters the Hebiguchi Cup final to make it trophy number 3 !

ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (1) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (2) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (3) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (4) ERS Game pic May 15th 2016 (5)


Cheers Happy Freek

Legends start the new season with a 3-0 win !



It was another beautiful day on Sunday over 20 degrees in February ! The legends were ready for the first game of the new SPL V season. With a large squad and two new players (Nicolas and Andrea) we were up against England. Last season we tied 2-2 with them and in the first 20 minutes of the game it was obvious we have not played to getter since early December. Most balls didn’t reach the other player or the first touch was not there no shot on target…….well when you are a bit older you need a bit more time to get upto full speed ! In the second 20 minutes it was a bit better from our side but England held up strong with 10 players in defense. It was in the third 20 minutes that we killed the game first Charles with a tip in although it looked like an own goal Charles claimed the goal at once ! Soon after Charles set Fred one on one with the goalie and with the goal wide open Fred managed to shoot at the goalie………luckily for him and us he dropped the ball and gave Fred a second chance 2-0 ! To complete the successful third quarter Charles scored his second to make it 3-0. In the last quarter we were looking for one more goal especially Gwenn tried very hard but failed in front of goal !


It was a good result and a good start of the season ! Our next game will be on March 20th against the Emerald !


Cheers Freek

Legends Feb. 28th 2016 pic (1) Legends Feb. 28th 2016 pic (2)

Lions stay on top in the SPL despite losing against the Marlins !



When the game started the weather was nice ! We had a highly motivated team at the start of the game as we like BIG games and games against the Marlins are always a fierce battle. In the first half both team were mainly battling it out on the midfield not many opportunities for both sides. The lions were more skill full in the short passes but the Marlins defending strong. It was 10 minutes before half time when a good pass from Charles found Danni who dubbed the ball to Azzeddine and with a quick pass Danni got the ball back and finished to make it 1-0. Soon after we got a great opportunity to make it 2-0 but we missed for the open goal ! In the second half we lost some of our midfield play and the Marlins with the help of the wind started to counter more with long balls. A dubious penalty given by the referee put the Marlins back in the game 1-1 and soon after disaster struck when Jack our defender was clearly tripped by a Marlins attacker in our box but instead of the free kick for us, Kevin the referee gave the Marlins a corner. We didn’t deal well with it and the scored 2-1 ! We had to push forward ourselves now and with our young squad we tried to get a least an equalizer however it was not to be our day. Frustrating day for us but we are still on top of the SPl with one point more than Century Park FC and plenty of games to go as we are only half way in the season !


Our next game will be Sunday 1300 @ waigaoqiao against the galacticos


Cheers Freek

Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (4) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (3) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (2) Marlins game Feb. 28th 2016 (1)

Good and Bad luck for Lions !



Looking at our Chinese opponent on Saturday it was a miracle to see how they always seems to be able to line up the best of the best when they play the lions. Despite they are in the bottom of the league with only 8 points it felt like we were playing DIB !


The first half was hard as we hit the cross bar and the post and we had a few more chances. It looked like we were running out of luck and it even got worse when Patrick was sidelines after a reckless tackle of a Long Tang player. Scan in the hospital one day later showed that two middle bones were broken and had to be fixed by plates. Very sad for Patrick as his season is over after all the hard work he did for the Lions on the midfield this season !

As we knew we had to win this game to stay clear on the top of the league we had a serious and hard half time talk. The bottom line is that all the players had to step up their game and work and fight harder. With Benji as assistant coach on the side line we did just that and everybody was fighting to get the goal ! It came from a cross of Azzeddine which found Danni and he was relieved to see his effort flying in the goal. Now it was up to our defense to keep the Long Tangs from scoring. They did a fantastic job although in the final minutes Kevin the ref gave a dubious free kick to Long Tang and they hit the cross bar. For once we were lucky on the day ! It was a hard fought 1-0 victory which keeps us on track with only two games to go.


We wish Patrick a speedy recovery and our next game is Saturday 1100 kick off versus Long Tang again ! Please all come out and support us in the final games of the season !


Cheers Freek

Longtang May 23rd 2015 game pic (1) Longtang May 23rd 2015 game pic (2) Longtang May 23rd 2015 game pic (3) Longtang May 23rd 2015 game pic (4) Longtang May 23rd 2015 game pic (5)

Lions beat the Dutch to stay on top of the SIFL !


It was a beautiful sunny day in Waigaoqiao with 25 degrees and pollution free ! The lions showed up with a motivated squad ready to step it up after their good performance against Re-United last week which won us the Cup.

However in the first 20 minutes the Lions started slow and were sloppy in the final passes and finshing.

Step by step the Lions upped the tempo and came closer and closer to the “Oranje” box.

After good pressing and a quick ball recuperation in the midfield theLions went quickly up and found Romain on the back post…1 – 0 for the Lions.

Then Lions stepped up their game  and started to play faster and faster. Oranje couldn’t follow the rythme and the pressure… Result is that Lions scored 4 more goals before half time through Azzeddine, Tomas and Danni.

It is important to note that  2 assists were made by Radouane our goalie !

In the second half the Lions substituted players and the pace of the game went down but we played on quick counter attacks to score three more additional goals.

Lions were able to add 3 goals and finalize the game with 8 goal and  a clean sheet. 3 scored by the MoM Tomas, great way to celebrate hi birthday !

Only negative point of this game is the shoulder injury of our captain Benji in the second half due to a late contact with an Oranje player. We hope he can recover fast to be ready for the last games of the season !

Cheers Freek


Legends beat Super 48 to stay unbeaten this season !



With over half of the regular players missing we knew it was not going to be easy. Especially not when three players were not there at the 1100 kick off time / so we started with only 11 and were happy that the speed of the game was not so fast….! It was from a corner that Dan our solid defender scored with a header that gave us the lead 1-0. Super 48 had a few very good players and there was no way we could take it easy in this game. Their best player was their fast forward and he scored a great lob over Thierry on a counter attack. Slowly when we finally had our squad together we started to play better. It was in the third quarter that we did the damage to Super 48. First Michael blasted the ball in the left corner and right after that Fred our Captain got the goal he had been waiting for months, a beautiful blast in the right top corner. We lost Alp on the way to the 4th quarter and Super 48 scored one goal back to make it 3-2. Compliments to them for their fighting spirit but our inform goalie Thierry helped us to seal the 3 points in the end. He received the MOM award and Olivia who had an outstanding game received the LOM award. The beers tasted good after the game and we are back in action in two weeks !


Cheers Freek

Lions U17 lose first league game but gain experience !

Young Lions,


On Saturday we first had the U8 Lions in cooperation with Coerver Coaching participating the SPL youth league ! The Lions showed good football and won both their games. The won 5-3 versus Century Park and 5-1 versus the Dulwich Panthers.


In the afternoon the U17’s made their debut in the 7 aside league in Puxi. They were up against the leader Aksil who obvious had more experience in playing in this format. In the first half we played very well especially in the build up but we failed to focus on the defensive responsibilities and got punished for it. They took a 1-0 lead but we came back by a very good combination play within 5 minutes nicely finished by Bank ! The defense issues kept hunting us and we went into half time trailing 3-1. Aksil’s best player scored the 4-1 and the Lions were not giving up yet as Rick hit the cross bar and in the last 5 minutes they got their deserved goal good cross in from Calum and strong finish by Rick to make it 4-2 !


Great experience for the boys and Olivia and we are full of confidence that we can win our next game !


Coach / Garret/Freek

Young Lions MArch 2015 (1) Young Lions MArch 2015 (2) Young Lions MArch 2015 (3)

Lions beat Japan 3-1 to go 6 points clear !



It was a very early 9 o’clock game at Waigaoqiao. It was a surprise to find Francois as one of the first players to arrive but it was a positive sign. We were up against Japan who are famous for their never give up attitude. Lions started well and dominated the game but an unstoppable free kick from Japan caused a surprise. One nil down it was game on for the Lions and in the second half the Lions turned around the game with two goals from Romain and a great strike from Patrick who finally found the net. After that the game ended into a missed opportunities festival with Romain topping the chart especially one simple tip-in in front of the open goal. Allan and Francois followed Romain and missed great scoring opportunities.  We are still top of the SIFL with 5 games to go until the end of the season !


Next up will be a SIFL Cup game this coming Saturday against Kangbei  1100-1300 at Waigaoqiao. Our next league game will be in one month versus the Shooters on April 25th !


Cheers Freek

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