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ERS on top of the SPL !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


So far the winter in Shanghai is not bad (if we ignore the pollution) !  We had a full SPL program on our three venues last Sunday. The day was overshadowed by the action of two Marlin players who assaulted the referee. We all know that there is no place for any violence whatsoever towards anybody involved in a SPL game and especially not the referee ! The players will be banned for a period of time from the SPL and will have to take the consequences for their actions. The Marlins have apologized to the referee and to SPL league committee for the incident.


Elsewhere we saw plenty of goals and overall good games of football played in a friendly spirit. This season we are seeing a strong improvement of the quality of the games which makes the league very interesting !


Gremio – Flamenkos 2-4


Both teams can look back at a good game of football. Gremio scored first and Flamenkos equalized however right before half time Gremio scored a second but according to the Flamenkos the ball which came from the woodwork never crossed the line. It was until the 70th minute that it looked like Gremio would win the game but the Flamenkos had other ideas. They got a penalty but the Gremio players thought it was a dive and soon after they took the lead. When Gremio pushed forward in the last 10 minutes to equalize they conceded instead and lost 2-4 !


Cowboys – Marlins 1-0


In the first half the Marlins took most of the possession and appeared on top of the game. Early in the second half the referee awarded a penalty to the Cowboys as he saw a (unlucky) handball in the box. When the cowboy captain Allen scored two Marlin players lost their control which resulted in two red cards and a suspension and of course it impacted the rest of the game. The Marlins left with 9 players tried their best to equalize and came close on a few occasions. The game if we take out the incident was played in very good spirit with mutual respect of both team. The Cowboys are the only team unbeaten in the league sofar.


Japan – Shanghai 2000 0-3


Shanghai 2000 is the team in form with a great mix of young talent combined with a few experienced players. Of course that they have a great striker who already netted 17 goals this season it also help of course ! Japan continue to struggle this season as they cannot find the net. Shanghai 2000 even with 10 men after Song was send off had no problem to control and win the game.


Lions – Pistolera Bulls 1-6


For Bilgin it was a historic day and he rewarded his troops with a massive new year bonus after he heard that the Bulls beat the Lions. The Lions played well in the first part of the game but at 1-1 they couldn’t deal with the fast counter attacks from the Bulls. It was 3-1 at half time and a few Lions player got injured and it gave the change for the youngster to play. It didn’t change much in the score but it gave them valuable experience to play in a men’s league at such a young age !


AVL Galacticos – ERS 0-16


It could well be the highest SPL score. ERS was on a rampage with in form Striker Kevin showing them the way by scoring 5 goals. The first half it was 0-4 but that was not enough for ERS. In total they got 8 players on the score sheet which surely is also a record. If that was not enough their goalkeeper Hugo saved two penalties in the spell of 1 minute. With this result ERS are on top of the SPL !


This coming Sunday we have a full program again and looking at the teams in form it is going to be a great SPL Sunday for sure !


1200-1400 Cowboys – Gremio at Jinqiao


1400-1600 Marlins – Japan at Jinqiao


1200-1400 ERS –  Shanghai 2000 at Century Park


1200-1400 Lions – Flamenkos at Waigaoqiao


1400-1600 Super 48 – Pistolera Bulls at Waigaoqiao


Let’s entertain the crowds with good football and above all enjoy the games win or lose !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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