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Full SPL program this Sunday !

Amigo’s and Amiga’s,


We got fantastic football weather last Sunday but unfortunately we only got 3  league games however this coming Sunday we will have our first 6 game SPL Sunday in Shanghai. Quite amazing to have 12 SPL teams in action on the best facilities and fields in Shanghai ! Good time for your family and friends to come and support the players. We congratulate the Shanghai Lions with their victory of the Phuket International 7’s last weekend. Its always good to see SPL teams going abroad to give other teams a taste of Shanghai Football !


Galacticos – Cowboys 0-5

Unfortunately this was a fort-feit as Galacticos couldn’t get the numbers / They did play a friendly game vs the Cowboys in good spirit. In case your team has excess players ps contact Dave as he can use a few going forward !


SFL FC – Gremio 1-3

angeloA very tight game. The unlucky one was Angelo (see picture) who tried to block SFLC’s first goal end ended up with an ankle/knee injurie. We hope to see him back on the field as soon as possible. Gremio took a 1-2 lead and SLFC was trying very hard to find the equalizer until in the last 5 minutes Gremio destroyed their intention by clinching the three points, 1-3 win !


Shanghai 2000 – Flamenkos 2-3

Maybe it was due to the beautiful weather in the Park but Shanghai 2000 played a bit too slow and the Flamenkos took a comfortable 0-2 lead. However a hard half time speech by Christian and Karl woke up the home team and the Flamenkos decided to focus on the referee instead of defending their lead. The result was a red card + Shanghai 2000 coming back in the game 2-2. The heat was on but 5 minutes before the end the Flamenkos took all three points after a free kick !


Super 48 – ERS 0-6

Very friendly game which all players enjoyed. Super 48 couldn’t get their usual goal and the French Friends for once got a clean sheet !


Lets hope the rain forecasted for Sunday will not ruin our full program !

1200-1400 Super 48 – Marlins at Jinqiao

1400-1600 SFL FC – ERS at Jinqiao

1200-1400 Pistolera Bulls – Cowboys at SRFC

1400-1600 Flamenkos – Lions at SRFC

1300-1500 Shanghai 2000 – Japan at Century Park

1500-1700 Galacticos – Gremio at Century Park


Waauw impressive ! Remember the SPL is about Fun, Friendship, Fairplay and Football !


Cheers Freek / SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee !

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