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September 12, 2012 News

Hey Guys,

Well arrived in Sydney. Nice city with great weather and healthy environment.
Hereunder a small text to express my feeling for those past years.

First at all, congrat for the opening tournament victory. 2nd trophy of the season and it’s just the beginning. Nice. I am sure lot of will follow and I am a bit worry for Freek’s wife:  at the end of the season, she won’t be able to manage so much trophies and how to properly decorate their place.

I just want to thank you all for all those past years. I really enjoyed being a part of the Lions. Everything you bring me is priceless and I can’t erase of my memory all great moment we shared together. It was sometime a bit upsetting (banned a year to punch a Chinese guy – what’s that? Why can we not use our fist in football like in everything men’s sport?? – losing in cup final versus the Azzurri – bloody Zohan and Faby – definitely losing the championship versus the Vikings due to a draw) but those tiny events can’t be compared to all the great pleasure I had to be considered one of yours. I found back with the team all the reason why I like playing sport: the will to play, to get pleasure, to be better, to reciprocate, to share, to give the best of us, to get hurt for the team, to be a part of a human group, etc. In a nutshell, brotherhood.

I wish you all the best for the coming SIFL season. Sure it will be a very pleasant one as the LIONS management team does everything to build-up an enjoyable environment to weekly practice football. Thanks to Charles, François, Freek, Simon, Gwen, Azzeddine, Chris, Jérôme etc.

Oh and by the way, versus the German on coming Saturday, « JE NE VEUX PAS LE MÊME MATCH QUE CONTRE LES ANZACS!!! ».

Cheers bonShommeS
PS : don’t hesitate if you come down under, I would be very pleased to welcome you

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