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Lions improve their goal difference while beating MMFC

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions FC 8 – 1 MMFC

goal differenceBeautiful weather and nice pitch for the last game of the regular season. We presented a squad with a few new players who attended our last few trainings. For this game, our motto was clearly to work on our goal difference to narrow the space with the Marlins.

We soon got the lead with an acceleration of Tevz on the left wing for Romain who controlled and score the 1st goal. Unfortunately, this goal did not deliver us as we were struggling keeping the ball and playing together. On the opposite, the MMFC were fighting on all the duels and pushing on the wings. They came back to 1-1 with a very nice shot. They continued to push and forced us to reorganize. Short before the half-time, Amor scored with the back on a corner kick for his “good-bye” goal. We reached the half time with the lead but had to react in the second half.

We came back on the pitch with better intentions. Azz first lobbed their keeper for the break (3-1) before giving the ball to Conway who won his first face-to-face for the 4th goal. Yohan, for his come-back with the seniors, placed a nice volley (5-1) before finishing a nice job from Azz. 6-1! Positioned on the left, Azz, again, delivered a center for Kad‘s head. Conway closed the score with his second goal of the day to finish the game with 8-1.

Now, we have 2 more games before the SPL closing tournament on June 10th, 2018


Let’s keep focused and keep our title!


Thomas Z.

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