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Good weekend for the Lions

October weather is great and the best time to play football in Shanghai. We had three Lions team in action over the weekend.

First in the SIFL the Lions were up against the Dutch. An early morning game at 900AM. It was good to see that everybody was on time. We don’t know whether the strong wind was a factor but maybe it was ! The first half we had a 3-0 lead two goals by Azz and one by Charles who now is approaching his last year’s goal tally of two goals ! We played too slow in the first half and we caught off-side too many times. The second half we wanted to play faster and were warned about the off sides as the linesmen seems to lift the flag every second as if it was Chinese National Parade Day ! The Dutch goalie become their sweeper and helped with the wind in their back they got a goal or a gift back. We never came to play well and amazingly we were caught off side another 15 times ! 3-1 win but it felt like a loss. Luckily its early in the season and we can all improve ourselves week by week starting with the training this Wednesday !

On Sunday the Lions veterans were up against England. Massive game which was sold out in 24 hrs. The British smelled blood as they saw Muss as goalie who stood in for Thomas who was sick and found him rather small in the big goal. High balls in the box their typical play resulted in two early goals for England however the Lions proved to be fitter and once we started our third half it was game on. A solid 6-3 for the Lions who are getting closer to their first Championship for Veterans ! Two more games to go !

On Sunday as well, our Lions U17 made their debut playing against Japan U17. Its was our first real match playing together and for some it was the first time to play 11 – aside ! The referee who forgot his boots and played in black same as the Lions didn’t seem to be very interested in the game. However the Japanese took a 2-0 lead but the Lions were not giving up and got a goal back. It was an interesting game as the goals the Japanese scored were all gifts to them and the goals we scored were well played attacks ! In the last half we were down 4–2 but helped by the support of the Veteran Lions who were watching we clinched a 4-4 draw. Good start and we liked the fighting spirit of the young Lions !

Make sure to come to the trainings as we want to get better and better every week !

Cheers Freek

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