Great Sunday for the Lions

With the tough game behind us the day before, it was time to relax on a nice Sunday. At first, Pat and myself had a brunch with Yuxuan, his parents (Cynthia & Ben) and his younger brother Yuyang. Next week, Yuxuan will leave Shanghai to study in the US.

Yuxuan has been a role model for our club ever since we took over the older age group of Century Park FC. In our “club structure”, the aim is to give opportunities for motivated/talented youth players to train with our senior team first. In a second stage, they can eventually be selected to play with the seniors in official match.

As Yuxuan has always been determined to improve himself as player (he never missed a single training); he climbed through the ladder. First, under the supervision of Azzeddine & later under Patrick. It’s been great to see his development from a 14 year old boy into 17 year old regular senior team player.

We will miss him of course. We wish him all the success on his next step in life in the US. Hopefully, Yuxuan will continue to do well in his college soccer team. 

In the Sunday afternoon, we went to relax at an exclusive Rooftop BBQ & Party organized by DJ Skiv. It was a great atmosphere with many Lions family members enjoying the music and the drinks. We also gave Yuxuan a Shenhua shirt signed by Qian Jiegei.

We wish you all a great summer. It’s good to be a Lion!


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