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Great win for the Lions in the SPL !



It was our second last game of the season and we were up against the leader of the SPL ERS who only lost two games this season ! As our game on Saturday was an exhausting affair and with so many injured players we had no choice to call on to our youth players to help out. Dim was kind enough to stay back as goalie and we had Rick (16) and Prentice (16) and Chris (15) and Elijah (15) and Max (18) in our squad !  We are not sure whether ERS was nervous or under estimated us but our defense was solid with Ingven and Garret and Francois and Mathias and our youngsters created havoc especially Elijah caused a lot of trouble for the ERS defense. It was a long ball from Dim which put him alone for the ERS keeper and he calmly scored and gave us the lead. ERS got a goal back when we couldn’t clear the ball in defense. Champions luck played part in the second ERS goal as missed cross flew over the top in our goal ! However we showed spirit and never gave up. Just before half time after a free kick and an assist from Elijah Francois blasted the ball in the net to make it 2-2 at half time. In the second half we played deeper but were still dangerous on the counter attack. ERS got more frustrated that they couldn’t score more goals and knew they had to beat us to stay on top of the SPL. It was a blast of Charles after another Elijah assist which according to himself caused a hole in the net that gave us the lead ! We soon added our fourth cool finished by Nicolas much to the pleasure of the Marlin players who were watching from the side as they were second in the SPL. ERS did get one goal back to make it exciting for the last 10 minutes but our defense was solid like a rock yesterday !

Great combination of experienced players with fearless young players ! It was a joy to watch it from the side line !

Well done everybody ! One more game versus Japan at Century Park lets enjoy that too !

Cheers Freek

ERS May 24th 2015 pic (1) ERS May 24th 2015 pic (2) ERS May 24th 2015 pic (3) ERS May 24th 2015 pic (4) ERS May 24th 2015 pic (5)

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