Legends beat the Bulls

BullsIt was a perfect day for Football and the Legends had an early match against the Bulls a mainly french team and sofar unbeaten in the SPLV league. We were lacking forwards and midfielders for this match but were happy that Jack made his debut in the Legends as he is a solid defender. For the starting line up, we had to be a bit creative to make it work but we opted for 4-4-2 with Fabi and Tomas upfront.

[ SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 2-0 Shanghai Bulls

In the first 20 minutes of the match, it was clear how the Bulls intended to play as they were pumping long balls to their two forwards all the time skipping their midfield players. We had to stay alert and it was good that Clement our goalie was focused as a of those balls ended in his hands. We didn’t create many chances in the beginning but did have the midfield control.

In the second 20 minutes, we became more dangerous and created more chances and the reward came with 5 minutes to go by a great cross from Romain finding the head of Fabi who with a superb header left the Bulls goalie without a chance.

Although we were 1-0 up we still had 40 minutes to play and the Bulls didn’t change their game plan it was not easy for us but the whole team stood up to work hard to get the result we wanted. The biggest scare came when FL thought he was clearing a ball for a corner to the Bulls but saw that instead, he was firing a shot at Clement luckily he was alert and saved us.

In the last 20 minutes, we wanted the clean sheet and defense was our first priority but of course because the Bulls needed to score they moved forward and we could counter. We did get a couple of shots on target but the icing on the cake came in the last minute when Nico landed a corner on the head of the President who saw his effort being blocked by the hand of the Bull defender in the box. The penalty taken by him flew into the left corner and it was time to celebrate a super team effort on a hard-working day. The Corona’s tasted good after our 2-0 victory!

Next up are the new Chinese team the Old Guns at 11:00 this coming Sunday!

Happy Freek

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