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Legends beat FC Ferie 13-1 !



We had a strong 15 Legends squad ! We were motivated to make sure we won our game before the Scotland clash as well we thought about working on our goal difference as we were 8 goals behind Scotland before the game. In the first 20 minutes we were 4-0 up with Gwenn on fire scoring three goals and fred scoring an easy tip in ! We didn’t stop there and we played good football through out the game. Therese scored her first Lions goal and provided a great cross to Farid who scored with his head. In the end the score line stood at a Legends record 13-1 win.


Goals from : Gwenn 4 x + Farid 2x + Mathias 1 x + Claus 1x + Fred 1x + Therese 1x + Freek 1x + Francois 1x + own goal.


Now the pressure is on Scotland who need to beat Japan to clinch the title next Sunday any slip up will lead to a super clash between the Lions and Scotland on the 29th of November. We hope our Japanese friends will do the business for us !


Latest Standing :


1)     Scotland played 7  points 21  goal difference +17

2)     Lions    played 8  points 20  goal difference + 19

3)     Japan   played 8  points 19  goal difference + 23


As you can see Japan has a lot to play for ! Lets go to the temple and pray for a good result !


Cheers Freek


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