Legends beat Nails FC in another friendly match

Last Sunday, the legends had another friendly match vs. Nail FC which is a local team of football lovers. It’s always nice to play against them. The weather itself was not great… Pouring rain with a temperature stucked around 7 degrees.

At kick off we had only 10 players with Bob kind enough to stand as goalkeeper. Luckily, Vincent brought his son Tiago… We found him boots and with no substitutes, it was quite easy for him to play.

We scored a quick goal after good build up from the right. Nicolas found Hira-san who surprised the goalie who thought Hira would cross… Instead, he shot on target for the 1-0. Our defense looked solid with Vincent playing sweeper, Alexis in front of him, Mehdi on the right and Olivier on the left.

When Skiv was fouled on left side of the edge of the box it was Freek to try his luck with the free kick. The feeling was good when he hit the ball as it flew over the wall and ended strong in the top of the net leaving the Nails goalie helpless. Legends were leading 2-0.

We got a same free kick at the same spot and this time Skiv wanted his turn but he couldn’t lift the ball over the wall. Nail came a bit closer to our box and it was a long range shot which Bob thought he would catch as he launched himself in the sky only to see the ball go in the other side of him. We had a good laugh about it. All credits to Bob as soon after; he made a great save.

We had a bad spell after this as we stopped playing and could not make simple passes and Nail smelled blood putting more pressure on our defenders. They got their reward when they equalized 2-2 after a free kick.

With 5 minutes on the clock, we did claim the victory after Nicolas scored after a scrumble. Skiv scored the 4-2 after the keeper misjudged his ball.

[ Friendly ] Shanghai Lions FC 4-2 Nail FC

Another friendly match to play and overall a good exercise to work on our fitness. We are now going into the Chinese New Year break and welcome the year of the Tiger. Hopefully this new year will bring a lot of success and happiness to the Lions.


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