Shanghai Scottish FC

Legends beat Shanghai Scottish FC and get on top of the league

Shanghai Scottish FCFor this top of the league game versus Shanghai Scottish FC, the pressure was on as the gaffer was in Holland for family purposes. The coach team of the day was Max & Fred, turnout was not going to be a problem, We play a well know french formation with two defending midfield just behind the forward line and Kevin as the orchestre.

The 1st quarter started very well and it was all about defense, Matze injured, we had to make a quick fix, we decided to put Rommie next to Laid in central defense, And what a combination, we played really good football and everyone worked hard, the Scot were top class, and they keep fighting

In the 2nd quarter we kept the same shape, we keep pushing and pushing, and the battle in midfield started to show, we gave so much and we just got one chance from a free kick that came very close from Laid. Then, we finally got our chance with an assist from Imad to Bob with a very clinical finish… The evian is obviously the best thing ever… 1-0

In the 3 & 4 quarter it was Pascal show, 3 great save in a space of 15 minutes… we could have easily been down 2 or 3 but he took is responsibility and the opponent just could not get trough. Very close to the end, it was Rommie who saved us just on the line… James did the same in the 3rd quarter also with a super power shot which ended up on his forehead…


What a spirit we had in the team with everyone ready to die for eachother and we just did that !

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