Legends enjoyed SPL Veteran end of the season tournament

Last Sunday was the end of the season tournament of the SPL Veteran following the closure of league games one or two weeks before.

SPL VeteranDear captains,

Freek & I sincerely thank all of you guys helping us to successfully close this SPL Veteran season 2020/2021. It was not easy for all the players this year but your team cooperation and support made SPL V another wonderful season.
Congratulations to Emerald, our new season champion! See you all soon at the end of the season tournament.


On the Lions side, our legends were happy the event being held at the new south bund venue “L Sports” where we could play on an excellent grass pitch. For the tournament, we had a nice mix of players with the President in goal, one new player named Oliver, but also Kader back in the squad. The fixture consisted of 6 games of 15 minutes each. Therefore, it was clear for everyone that scoring first would be vital to win a match.

  1. In the 1st game, we played against PF United and won 2-0. Nice start and it was also good to keep a clean sheet.
  2. Next up was England who opted to play defensive with long balls to counter. We did score first but at the last minute Kevin the referee spotted a foul… Unfortunately, only he saw it and gave a penalty. The President couldn’t stop the ball and we ended with a draw.
  3. Our 3rd match was against Strosso. As we were getting more used to play 7 aside, our playing style got better with nice combinations and some great goals. We scored 4 goals in 15 minutes and it could have been more.
  4. The big match was against Emerald with Fafa back in their squad. The game was equal and at a fast pace. We did let Emerald take the lead when we were not fast enough to close them down. With the clock ticking and our fighting spirit, we managed to equalize! A well-deserved draw with 1-1 as the final score.
  5. The decisive game to end up on top was against Scotland. Unfortunately, our level dropped down, and struggled to get pass the Scottish BIG goalie… Instead, we gifted them a goal with a penalty. The 1-0 loss proved to be bitter and it was our only loss in the day.
  6. Our last match was against local team Old Guns. the game ended up with a draw 1-1. Final decision to be taken decided with penalties shoot-out. Chris as our stand-in goalie stopped one. This was enough to secure us the win.


The beers tasted very good after the matches. We all agreed it was a great day of football here in Shanghai.


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