Legends get bruised against Nail FC

We cannot complain about the weather this year as last Sunday we got a blue sky with 18 degrees. Kind of special for end of November… We had a solid line-up with FL back in China, Chris back available as well as Max trying out with us.

Last year, we slipped up against local team Nail FC and we were motivated not to let it happen again.

Within 5 minutes, we took the lead by a super strike from outside the box from Germain with the ball flying into the top of the net. Mamdouh was quick to claim an assist as he passed to Germain. The rest of the first 20 minutes, we created chances but found it hard to break the yellow wall. Nail was working hard to defend and hoped for a lucky break of their lonely striker.

There was a nasty non intentional foul on Mamdouh which left a bruised tattoo on his upper leg.

After the first 20 minutes, it was pointed out that Nail could be happy being only 1-0 down but we cannot be happy being only 1-0 up. It was time to step up our game.

Next 20 minutes proved to the best of our match with more intensity and much better passing. It was a joy to watch and our 2nd goal… A beauty with several passes before the goal. Nico on the right wing found Pierre who passed back to Mehdi and found Fred through two Nail defenders. Fred didn’t hesitate to score with a low strike. Soon after, we stroke again but we lost Pierre in the build up as he didn’t expect a Nails defender leg in front of his feet when he shoot… In the rebound, Fred scored again with a good solid strike. Nail didn’t pose threat and focused on defending instead. On our side, we ended-up 2nd quarter with another bruised player.

In the third 20 minutes, we dropped a bit our intensity with Pierre replaced by our President on top and Chris in the squad for Alex. Nail continued to have most players in the back and missed a plan when the came forward. It was a very nice low through from Mamdouh behind the Nail defense which found Fred and he happily scored his hat-trick for the legends.

Soon after, we did manage to score another great “teamwork beautiful” goal. A couple of passes in the midfield found Nico on the right wing and instead of crossing he opted for Fred next to him and Fred instead of shooting opted for the President next him and he placed the ball outside foot in the right corner too far for the Nail goalie to get it.

By the time of the last 20 minutes, we had several players bruised pr injured with knocks… Although they were non intentional, the pain was there so we played a bit more carefully & less pushy. Nail did score a goal at the end literary running through a couple of our defenders… One of them, Alex got injured during this move.

We could live with it licked our wounds and won the match 5-1.

[ SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 5-1 Nail FC

Next will be the Santa Cup on December 10; 12:00-16:00 at Waigaoqiao.



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