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Legends lost 2-1 against Emerald FC



It has been a long time since the legends lost a SPL Veteran league game ! We were up against the Emeralds a good football playing side and the encounters we have are always close and intense in a positive sense. We welcomed Jerome back in the squad after long absence due to a bad injury as well we welcomed Bob’ son Leo (14) to make his Lions debut. In the first 20 minutes we struggled to get our passing right the disease was spread over the whole squad and it was by a great strike from Emeralds left back who went on a run and powered the ball in the top corner to give Emerald the lead. At least we got the wake up goal and in the next 20 minutes Fred F got a great opportunity to equalize but his shot missed the target. On the other side we helped Emerald to extend their lead as we put the ball in our own goal…… to make it 0-2 for them.

We responded well by a great free kick from Bob as the ball flew in the top corner out of reach of the Emerald goalie which is not easy if you have seen the length of the arms of their goalie ! From then on the game was interesting as the Lions we desperate searching for the equalizer and the Emeralds were waiting for their counter attack goal to put the game to bed ! It was a great game to watch and the speed of the game was very fast. Laid came close with a header / Charles got a gift from the Emerald goalie after he mis kicked straight to Chalres feet but he couldn’t score. Laid got a good free kick but it went just over the bar and last but not least Charles went one on one with the Emerald goalie but he missed and claimed there was a mole in the field when he kicked. Final score 2-1 for them. As losing is part of the game we still enjoyed our beers after the game and are sure we will be motived in our next game to start winning again ! Well done to Emeralds !


This weekend we will play the Oranje in the SIFL and Japan in the SPL !


Lets all come to the trainings to stay sharp and focused !


Cheers Freek

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