3 points

Legends slip up in the last 10mn but took the 3 points

The night before the match we had several legends attending the special birthday party of our playing DJ SKIV as well all were watching France beat Denmark in the late hours. However most players made it on time and we had a solid squad to give Scotland our opponent a hard time to secure the 3 points.

We started well as within 2 minutes Fred gave us the lead with a solid header. The Scots had the wind in the back and pushed forward with long balls but we opted to look for space on the wings. Scotland got a goal back on penalty after an unlucky handball in the box but we had a fast response as after a good combination on the right left the birthday boy in a shooting position and his shot was slightly touched by Sylvain who claimed the goal. Pierre scored our third all in the first 20 minutes of match.

In the 2nd quarter, a great cross of David was nicely finished by a header of Pierre who scored his second of the day. But Scotland was not ready to give up yet and scored by a surprise long range shot 4-2.

In last 40 minutes we made several substitutions and hoped not to concede anymore and score a couple more goals. It seemed to work as a superb cross of Mehdi from the right flank found Mamdouh in the box he didn’t hesitate to finish and Nicolas also eager to get on the score sheet scored from long range although it looked at a miss kick at first the ball flew in.

So with 20 minutes to go and 6-2 up Bob said the famous words lets focus on defense first and play out the game with possession. Somehow our minds were all on attacks despite Bob’s word of wisdom and it was Mamdouh who tripped while he was certain to score as the goalie was already passed and all he had to do was kick the ball in the net. While he tripped we lost possession and Scotland scored on the counter. The Scots smelled blood and the Lions didn’t have their act together… Poor communication at the back let to another goal of Scotland on a 2nd ball after a cross. Believe it or not they scored their 5th goal by long range surprising our goalie Clement.

[ SPL V ] Shanghai Lions FC 6-5 Shanghai Scottish SC

The final whistle came as a relief and the legends were in disbelieve how they could lose control of the game at the end. Credit to Scotland and overall for a neutral spectator perspective the match was very entertaining.

We took a few Corona’s to forget our display and trying to reinsure ourselves with the 3 points. We are looking forward to the SPL World Cup next Sunday and the Christmas Party at Senso on the 9th of December.


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