Senso Italian Dining

Legends unveil their new kit at Senso Italian Dining

After our morning game versus Nail FC we all went to the new sponsor of our veteran team; the super nice restaurant Senso Italian Dining. The setting was perfect with a long table outside, plenty of drinks, a great service and excellent food. It was super nice to see such a great attendance as well as many family members coming over to say hello and enjoy the food.

The president outlined the club situation as he described the different teams we are having and the plans we have for each team in the new season ahead of us. It was announced that Bob, Nikko and FL will manage the Legends this season. Each of them said a few words about the Legends ambition this season. Haroun was announced Captain and he was pleased with the honor and promised to make a great season for all the players.

After this, we unveiled our new kit and the first Jersey was handed over to Severino and his wife who are the owners of Senso Italian Dining. At the end, we took a nice group picture in front of the restaurant.

The final icing on the cake of a great afternoon was the live performance of our new players as by tradition they had to sing a song. It was Alexis who surprised everyone by his superb signing qualities. We are now looking forward to a duet with our starring performer Hiro-san in the near future!

IMG_4802-COLLAGEFor a few “irreductibles”, the lunch got transformed into dinner… Thanks to Bob in particular, everybody made it back safely home at the end 😉

We wish the legends a successful season.

Freek, Nikko, Bob, FL & Haroun

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