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Lions advance to Hebiguchi Cup semi-finals

It was a cup game for us last Saturday with a thin squad and knowing that we had a big game next week against the Shooters. Key was to stay injury free and no cards. We missed several players today but started well controlling the game and taking the lead after great combinations in the midfield Allan opened the score 1-0. We added another one with again good combination football finished by our right back Aga. All looked good until Yngven thought chirstmas was not over yet and handed a belated gift to the Krauts. It was accepted and we went 2-1 up into half time. The second half was characterized by the missed opportunities by the Lions as they should have put the game to bed on several occasions ! However as it goes in football if you fail to score the opponent will do it for you. It was an unnecessary penalty that brought the Krauts back in the game with 5 minutes to go. Penalties would decide who would go through to the semis and after Azz missed the first I didn’t look good for us but with a stop of Radouane and goals from Laid, Fabie,Nicolas our left back with his right foot, and Aga we made it as Stas Krauts topscorer shot his penalty into orbit !


We will be up against Reunited in the semi final but first next week we have the BIG game versus the Shooters ! Obvious that we expect all of you at the training this Wednesday and be ready for Saturday !


Cheers Freek

Ktauts game Jan. 16th 2016 (1) Ktauts game Jan. 16th 2016 (2) Ktauts game Jan. 16th 2016 (3)

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