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Lions back on track

We got a great weekend for the Lions!

[ SIFL ] Shanghai Lions 11-1 FC Metro

First on Saturday league, the Lions had to make up for their draw of last week against FC Metro a Chinese newcomer in the SIFL. With Charles away on a business trip we had enough motivation to fight for.

The early goal was the key and that’s what we got in three minutes from then on FC Metro could only defend and the Lions were hungry for goals. We got another four goals before half time and most of them were a result of a good passing game in the midfield. Metro got one back but that was all we would give them.

At half time we decided to keep on pushing for more goals as the goal difference is important in such a tight Championship. With Dani and Erwin taking the lead with resp. 4 & 3 goals we stopped at 11-1.

A very good result as its not easy to stay focused when you are leading by a lot but we did just that. Azzeddine made a new friend as their No. 23 was following him everywhere on the pitch and we pulled Charles leg on WeChat as we told him we drew 2-2. He believed it until midnight!

Next week we have a rest which is good for the injured players to get back into fitness and the week after is the BIG game versus the Shooters.

[ Veteran League ] Training

On Sunday we had the veterans in action together with a few Lions U17 players. Unfortunately for them, the opponent called the game off in the last moment. Luckily we had over 15 players so we organized a good training session. Veterans are looking strong this season and are very motivated to do well in the veteran league.

[ SPL ] Shanghai Lions 5-0 Flamenkos

In the SPL, we played versus the Flamenkos and only a win would do it for us. In the first 30 minutes, our movement was too slow and Flamenkos came closest hitting the woodwork. However once we scored by Nicolas, we started to play better and controlled the rest of the game. A combination of Nicolas being on fire and over all better fitness level of the Lions made the difference. Nicolas scored a hat-trick and we don’t mind him getting in form now as the big games are around the corner. We even had 3 lions U17 making their debut and a fantastic cross of 15 year old Yuito landed on Ahmed head straight in the top corner!

5-0 final score and only 4 games left. It was our 17th win of the season and only one draw sofar. Next up will be Japan this coming Sunday and then Marlins on April 20, Gremio on May 18 & Cowboys on May 25.


Exciting times for the Lions and hope everybody will enjoy it. I hope our team spirit will give us the edge in the end and I feel that our spirit is getting better by the week.

Lets all come to training even if you are injured you can still do some light training to keep your fitness level good. The big games are around the corner and all Lions need to be ready for it!

Go Lions!


Happy Freek

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