Shanghai Lions Football Club

Lions beat Azzuri 3-0 to kick off the SIFL season !


It’s important to start a new season well ! Before the game it didn’t look like that was going to happen because Jack our dream team selected defender took the speed train for the first time to be able to make it back from a business trip only to find out that he was in the wrong train heading towards Nanjing instead of Shanghai ! While we were doing the warming up we noticed Nicolas our left back was missing ! He arrived early  and his bag was still sitting on a chair at SCSC apparently he fell asleep at the sofa at the entrance of the Clubhouse !
Never mind our spirit was good and the Azzuri’s had the intention to score early in the game but we defended as team making it hard for them to get thru. We remembered our opener last season against DIB (1-0 win) and with one minute to go we got  free kick which Azz placed perfect in the left corner. Big John who will be out for a long period did well in his new role as assistant manager and was nice to see that our first goal of the season was celebrated for him and his recovery ! In the second half we dominated the game and we had some great counter attacks slicing through the Azzuri defends. Romain came very close to score a beauty but we left that to Azz after Danni who was on fire attracted three Azzuri defenders but managed to keep the ball and suddenly found Azz who wrong footed another two defenders and scored in the opposite corner ! The icing on the cake came from our substitutions Roberto our left winger finding Mathieu with a fine cross and he tipped it in the far corner ! A solid 3-0 win and a very good team performance !

Lets all train hard and keep this momentum early in the season !

Cheers Freek

Sept. 20th 2014 Azzuri game team pic

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