Shanghai Lions Football Club

Lions beat the Dutch 3-2 to go on top of SIFL



Week day games are always hard in Shanghai mainly due to work commitments and heavy traffic to get to the fields. As we were playing on our training ground we had a large squad called up so that at least most people got a work out. Without our regular keeper Dim we didn’t start well as most players indeed treated the match as training match instead of a SIFL League match ! The focus and concentration was not there and the Dutch happily took advantage they took a 2-0 lead and the Lions were in a state of shock. However in the second half some of the more experienced Lions knew what was at stake and started to turn around the game. Especially Allan our Belgian player was highly motivated against the Dutch and with his two goals and one own goal by the Dutch we clinched all three points. We are now two points clear on top of the SIFL and will have a massive game on Saturday against the Azzuri !


Cheers Freek

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