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Lions beat newcomer SFL FC 7-0


jonny 013 (2)Yesterday it was hot even in the early morning ! We played on a bit smaller pitch which was good and bad.

We had a strong line up and our opponent Sport for Life FC made their debut in the SPL.

They had more than 18 players which was impressive for a new team. For 20 minutes we played very well with a lot of ball circulation and movement in the the midfield. Romain sweeper/stopper for the occasion opened the score with a well placed shot in the left corner. We started to create more chances but our strikers seemed to be struck by the heat ! Charles had an interesting free kick as after he screamed  it flew straight into the rugby goal. We asked him about the scream before the kick and it appeared he copied it from female tennis players and he believed it adds power to the kick.

I think he was right on the power aspect but not on the precision of hitting the target……..It was Fred the senior of our team who showed them how two score by netting two goals. 4-0 first half and we wanted to score more in the second half and indeed  that’s what we did 7-0.

We tried to get Jonny who played his last game on the score sheet but his header was saved by the goalie.jonny 026 (2)




After the game we went to Latina for beers only and Jonny disclosed his new job to us as he will be THE Mickey Mouse at Shanghai’s new Disney Land (see picture attached)


A fun day for the Lions with a good result !


Cheers Freek


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