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Lions clinched the SPL double for the 2nd year in a row

What a great day for the Lions yesterday! It started with the good preparation to the Cup final. All the players on time & focused to make SPL double. This in contrary to the Hawks, who for the occasion had brought in the best of the Azzurri, some Chinese players & one ex-international player who is the anchor man of the football on CCTV… As they shirts were missing and they couldn start the game on time.

Our strategy was to strike when they were having their “downs” and try not to concede when they play their best football. We just did that as after a few minutes in the game. Arnaud had a brilliant pass to Charles who happily finished. The goal was so fast that Jamie missed it and he thought we were 1-0 down at half time… Of course, the Hawks started to play & Adam the SIFL top scorer and Romilson the SPL top scorer gave us a lot of pressure. A low strike of Adam equalized the game. Great goal keeping by Max and on the line saves from Gwenn and others kept us in the race.

In second half, we played better but the game remained tense and tight. Right when the Brasilians started to get irritated; we scored a fantastic goal! Charles instead of shooting, crossed the ball on the right to Jerome who on his turn crossed the ball over the Hawks keeper right on Matthieu’s head who just came in for Johnny o Johnny. We felt we got it in the bag but disaster stroke one minute before the end of the game. A goal kick ended up in the centre right in the feet of Romilson who didn’t hesistate to captilize 2-2. Lions were stunned and heads were down but a quick pep talk was enough to put the Lions into killers mode! We scored 5 penalties! They had 4 brasilians scoring 4 but their Japanese substitute hit the post.

[ SPL Cup ] Shanghai Lions 2-2 Hawks (p 5-4)

The joy of winning the cup final & making SPL double… This was unbelievable. Just for a few minutes… That’s what it is all the hard work as a team got rewarded and we will remember it forever.

Totally deserved! We shown amazing mental strength and that’s set us apart from others.

2011 is already an amazing year with following achievements:

  • SPL Champion
  • SPL Cup winner
  • SIFL Hebeichi Cup winner
  • SIFL runner-up
  • Fantasy League winner (7 aside)

This summer. We will defend our summer 7’s title & we will play the Shanghai Masters (Veteran).

It ‘s great to be a Lion! Looking forward to the Pool Party!


Very Happy Freek

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