Shanghai Lions Football Club

Lions crush Super 48

Good start for the SPL Lions!

  • 17 players selected. 13 on time. 2 arrived laterand 2 never appeared!!! That’s the only negative point of this week.
  • Game start with a 3-5-2 young line up.
  • 9-0 victory as a final score

Beginning of the game was not so easy because we had new players with a new composition. Super 48 played better football the first 20 minutes and logically dominated the game… But that was only the time necessary for us to get organized.

After that, we started to play better, get better organized, and start to push forward on Super 48 goal. Finally, Nico gave a nice cross ball to our captain Joe and his incredible header skills >> 1-0 for the Lions. While we were really implementing our domination, another center from Sebastian let Joe score another header…

Half time : 2-0 for the Lions

In 2nd half, we started to play faster with a strong defense and high positioned midfield… No any more chance for the Super 48. Joe, Gwen, Joe, Martin, Nico,  Joe twice again scored 7 goals in this 2nd half.

A really good start for the SPL Lions to be confirmed next weekend against the Cowboys (at 2pm)

Man of the Match (MOM): Joe ZIELKE (actual top score of the SPL)

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