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August 6, 2014 News

Old, New, Young Lions !


We hope that everybody could enjoy the summer break and could recharge themselves for a new football season in Shanghai !

The management have been busy over the summer and some players who stayed behind are enjoying the Lions Summer 7’s each Wednesday at our training ground. Training in the hot and humid weather is a challenge but it surely keeps you fit and can give us an advantage over other teams in the early part of the season when they arrive unprepaired.


To prepare ourselves well for the new season we have established a super program where everybody is welcome to join.


17th August Lions Boot Camp 1000-1200 at Jinqiao (we are waiting for the schools confirmation) Senior/Veterans and Youth are all welcome to join.

23 August Lions – Japan friendly match for Seniors 1600-1800 at SRFC Waigaoqiao

30 August Lions Boot Camp 1000-1200 at Jinqiao everybody welcome

31 August Lions Boot Camp 1000-1200 at Jinqiao everbody welcome

6  September Lions Cup 7 aside (16 teams for all over China + abroad) second edition

6-7 September Shanghai Masters / Veteran Tournament

13 September SIFL opening tournament


We are excited for the new season and having won both the SPL and SIFL two consecutive times in a row and the fact that in the both leagues we are still on an unbeaten record run we like to put emphasis on FITNESS for the new season. In todays football you can see that fitness is getting more and more important. The world cup was a clear showcase how fit some of the world best players are as many games were decided in the last minutes where teams still could give that extra effort and push. If we want to keep winning and enjoying playing football in Shanghai the fitness is the first thing we need to work on ! The second important factor we like to address is COMMITMENT. The more committed you are the more games we can win and the more we will enjoy playing as a team. As Management we are committed 110 pct and as Coaches/Trainers Azz and Simon (senior) and Adam/Freek/Garret (youth) are committed 110 pct we need 110 pct from you as player as well to be succesfull.

Commitment start with communicating through our website and attending the training and showing up on time for games and planning your schedules in busy Shanghai so that you don’t miss important games. Attending parties for our sponsor is also important ! One or two slip ups can cost us the title as we all know how hard it is to get the Championship each and every year ! This year it will be even harder so we need to prepare for it !


We will focus more on the youth development and will give them more playing time in senior games and youth players interested boys or girls 15-18 years old ps contact us on


We are looking forward to see many FIT and COMMITTED Lions in the new season !


GO Lions !!! GO !!


Freek Boelen / On behalf of Lions Management


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