Shanghai Lions Football Club

Lions got their first loss in the SPL !



It was a beautiful day and the team looked sharp and fresh under the supervision of Charles and Garret. It was great to see that many other Lions came over to Jinqiao to support to team. In the first half and hour we dictated the game and managed to keep the Krauts away from our goal on the other side we got two or three golden opportunities to take the lead. As it goes in football if you fail to score on a few occasion the opponent will take advantage. We got a 10 minute melt down just before half time with Stat the last couple of years SPL top scorer who ripped open our defense and caused trouble for our keeper. Before we knew it we were 3-0 down and everybody knew that I would be hard to come back in the game. However we showed good spirit in the second half we were fighting for every ball and came close on several occasions. The Krauts used their physics to defend and could only stop our play by fouls. Charles scored on a cross from Kevin, but our attacking play left our defense exposed and Stas took adavantage again. In the end the 4-1 defeat was harsh on the Lions but losing is part of the game. All Lions came afterwards to Latina for a beer and that’s the spirit you win and lose as a team !


Next game in two weeks will be ERS so all Lions lets attend the training on Wednesday and work on our fitness and team play !


Cheers Freek

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