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Lions hammered ERS 6-0 on Sept. 27th 2015 at Century Park!


Yesterday Sundat Sept. 27th, we had our 3rd official SPL game vs ERS at 4pm in Century Park.

Just before our game, we saw the Marlins lose 4-1 to Century Park FC and they honestly could have easily lost like 7 or 8-1 from what we witnessed…the youngsters of former Shanghai 2000 just killed the older/slower Marlins/Shooters players… Marlins dropping points was a very good operation for us, provided that we won our game against ERS…

Only President Freek and co-coach Garret were missing, otherwise on a perfect pitch/weather conditions, we had a full squad of 14 hungry Lions, eager to avenge our honor after last game defeat vs Krauts….

Pat L., Farid K, Aki, Francois L and Simon new girlfriend came to support us, thanks to them again !!!

For the occasion and with a line-up of mainly offensive players, we changed our formation to 4 -5-1, which appeared to be extremely fruitful, as we completely dominated the game in every line all match long. It is new comer Felix who was just subed from Benj about 30mn from the start who scored after a genius pass through the whole ERS defense from Az…That was just the beginning of the ERS nightmare….Az was on fire and blasted another goal in the top left corner soon after, making it a 2-0 lead at half-time.

We all decided that 2-0 wasn’t satisfactory at all and set our mind to finish the ERS off in the second half. We operated a couple of substitutions : Nico C. came in left mid for Chris B. and new comer James T. came in forward for Thomas C. We took again the control of the game, barcelona style and ERS never really stood a chance, as the balls were very rarely coming to their only striking force Kevin, as our Viking stopper Yngve made it impossible for him to get any ball at all…Heard Kevin is now thinking of playing in the midfield…

Anyways, goals came from James T, an own goal, Az, then Nico C. took an orgasmic pleasure to score against his former teammates…(Nico only scores 1 or 2 goals per season and only vs ERS…)

We ended the game with an ass slap 6-0 and a clean sheet !

We saw some of the ERS players crying and running in the woods of Century Park after the game and we heard later on that a big fire took place in the Park….strange…

The spirit was there, we played well tactically and techincally, a game to remember and to take as example…Well done everyone !

Next game will be on Oct. 11th at 3pm in WGQ versus Gremio FC, please register asap and come to training on wed. !

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  1. Nicolas Chancel says:

    Just to be more precise on the game:
    Felix didn’t scores the first but Az did, and it was a penalty.
    Then Felix scores on a perfect pass from Az..
    The 4 next goals scorers are James (azz assist), Nico (Az assist), own goal (Nico’s corner) and James with an assist of Thomas.
    Charles said Nico C scores 1-2 goals by season …..he joined 2 years ago, got 15 on his profile and more were forgotten.
    How many do you have in 2 years ? 4-5 ??
    Fyi, Nico C scored in every 3 last games versus his former club ERS !

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