Shanghai Lions Football Club

Lions out of the Hebiguchi Cup !



We had our semi-final in the Hebiuchi Cup last Saturday ! The field conditions were hard due to severe down poor on Friday night as there we many wet spots on the field ! However of course that is the same for both teams so no excuses here !  We tried to control the game as Reunited our opponents were dangerous on the counter attack with their fast forwards!  They got a few opportunities but failed to score and on the other side we had Erwin one on one with the goalie but missed as well / We had a few more changed but couldn’t score. It was a free kick which was saved by Dim but was run in by Steve who reacted fast than our defenders to give Reunited the lead. In the second half the Lions pushed for goals but were punished twice by the motivated Reunited players ! We got a goal back but all in vain as we lost well deserved to a motivated team ! Losing is part of the game of Football and its upto our players to respond to this and work hard to fix this !


On Saturday we play our all important game versus the Azzuri as a win will keep us strong into the SIFL title race !


We expect all Lions to come to training and the prepare for the most important game of the season !


Cheers Freek

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