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Lions Legends won 12-2 against FC Ferie !

Lions and Legends,


It was a special match for many reasons but above all it would be the last legend game for 6 Lions legends as 4 of them are moving back to Europe this summer and Dan is moving back to Hong-Kong ! We wanted to send them home with a great game of football but after 5 minutes we were down 1-0 as stand in goalie and Jerome had a miscommunication Jerome was talking to Mathias in German and Mathias was talking to Jerome in French, you can guess the final result a beautiful own goal by Jerome ! The first quarter was rather flat from our side we needed a goal to get started and Fred and Jeremy did just that and we turned the game around ! In the next quarter Nicolas and Freek got on the score sheet but in the third quarter with Fred F our captain on the bench we played the opponent from the field with fast movement and deadly finishing from Bob who scored a hat-trick within 10 minutes. The last quarter there was much at stake we asked our captain to prove they once he would be on the pitch he can make a difference for the team and we asked Seb playing his last match to score or otherwise he needed to pay all the beers after the match. He did it within 5 minutes and now it was time for Mathias to come in and play upfront as he moved forward there was a great cross in and his first ball was a header home. Now we needed Simon on the score sheet and miracles do exist as he scored as well ! We tried to get Dan on the score sheet as well but just didn’t have enough time left ! Rommie got the last chance of the game. After the match it was all smiles and a small goodbye speech for the leaving legends. The message given was that once you are a Lions Legend you will always be a Lions legends no matter where you are ! Fred had arranged nice champagne to end a fantastic day of football with good friends in Shanghai ! We wish Mathias, Simon, Ralph, Andre and Dan and Seb all the best in their future live  !


Cheers Freek

Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (1) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (2) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (3) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (4) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (5) Legends May 22nd 2016 pic (6)


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