Shanghai Lions Football Club

Lions Legends write history by winning the Masters 3 times !

Happy Days, it was a pleasure and a privilege to be involved the last couple of days.  The attitude of every single Lion no matter their level of involvement was world class.  Enjoy the pics and savour the memories and big thanks to all the families for coming along or giving us the weekend off to enjoy the buzz of another trophy.


It’s great for the Vets to start the club off on a new season by winning the Masters.  I am sure it will just be the first of many trophies or the club this season given the quality and commitment of all the players and management.  See you all at training on Wednesday or vs Wales next Sunday


It’s great to be a Lion,







Just to echo what Fred said – great spirit, great fun. and magnifique result!


Thank you for being so welcpming to old lions like Kely and myself – apart from.our speed of movement and thought it felt like ‎playing for the original lions 11 years ago!


We shouldn’ t forget the debt we owe Freek- if he hadn’ t been away in Europe we might never have won!







A big thank you to everyone involved in the Shanghai master tournament, there is nothing better than beating the shooters in the final, and I guess what did it today is again the spirit that we have in this great football club, and I guess the fact that we had so many players today just shows how ppl like to play for the lions even if they not playing…..Or not scoring enough goals….:-)



And we shall not forget that there is nothing more difficult to stay on the bench or not being included in the line up of of a final we’ve all been there and if we have not yet I can guarantee you that one day it will be our turn to not being able to play in a final of major tournament.




The ppl that did not play kept a very positive attitude and we shall respect that so A BIG THANK YOU to them.



And a big thank you to Jamie which manage the team and  that situation in a very positive manner(From an EX CEO of AXA insurance you would expect that).



Under Jamie management we won two Shanghai master, Thank you to Kelly of course, Charlie, Thierry,Thomas, patrick as they not normally play with us.Thank you to Azzdine for making his way down to watch us, at least he did not come for nothing.



And now as thing are back to normal we have a game next sunday against wales, meeting at 9:15 at waigaoqiao.


And hopefully Micheal, Fred and my self will put our scoring boots on, I would not like to put Jerome playing as a striker…



Once again happy moon festival and thank you again



Speak soon.









Plus beat shooters in final 2-1!!!

You would have loved it .

I let you look after more trophies and medals as I had to get to airport right after match .


Thanks for everything !! It was a blast , next year let’s get original lions team back



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