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Lions played a friendly versus the Uk Marines

December 13, 2013 News


marines 016

We needed brave Lions and Lions who could escape from work to be able to play at 1400 PM vs the crew of the 1BLN navy vessel HMS Daring from the UK. God bless we could fine 11 warriors and a last minute pull out of Azzedine (stomache upset) didn’t help of course !


With 4 veterans in the squad and Mus in the goal we started the battle. Soon we found out that it wouldn’t be a friendly friendly as it seemed that the pitch was changed into a war zone ! Tackles everywhere and all the referees decision were debated despite them being up after two minutes. We pulled one back with a tip in from Yamada-san who straight went into the history books of being the oldest Lion to score. Soon after that we got a penalty and the President was asked to take it by everybody except by Hugh one of our two British players who will leave China for Australia next week and thought he could score his third goal in his entire life ! initially  he refused as he still rembered his miss at the veteran tournament two months back which cost the Lions the final. But this time he scored. Adam scored a nice goal to make it 3-1 and we ended the first half with a 3-2 lead for the Lions.

In the second half the fitness level between the Marines and the Lions took its toll as a few esp the veterans were still heavy legged fm the Lions training of Azz and Simon the day before. The final score was 3-6 for the Marines and after the game we exchanged gift and took some pictures !


Cheers to the brave Lions / Freek


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