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Lions remain empty handed after two tough games


[SIFL]  Shanghai Lions FC 0-1 Shanghai Shooters

On Saturday, our list of injured players was already large but when Thomas snapped his hamstring in the warming up it turned our game strategy upside down. Mus, Dani & Francois decided it was better to fight with a taxi driver instead of doing the warming up. All you can do as coach is to stay calm and take all the punches. God bless Chris was ready to stand in as goalie and off we went. I asked for character and we showed character we came a few times close in the first half and played composed 0-0. Allan and Nicolas both limped off as well and shooters got extremely lucky goal…

Honestly, they didn’t deserve anything out of this game ! During the whole game they had one corner and not a single shot on target and several nasty fouls on our ankles. Compliment to the team who showed that even with a handicapped Lions team we never gave up the fight. We deserved something out of this game but didn’t get it. All our eyes are now on the Cup competition and I am sure we are going to win it !

[SPL]  Hawks 2-0 Shanghai Lions FC

On Sunday, it looked like we played versus Shenhua as the Hawks had only two other foreign players and a complete different team versus last week…

We started well and had more ball possession we created good chances but failed to finish it… they had one counter attack and scored 1-0.

Second half we pushed harder and good two “not to miss” scoring opportunities but we missed… The Hawks, during the whole game, had three counter attacks and scored two of them ! I cannot remember a game of the Lions where we didn’t score ! We gave it all and never gave up.

After the game all came down to have a beer at Latina and reflect on the loss and we said goodbye to Max who will leave to Bangkok. We wish him all the best and remember all the good saves he made for the Lions as goalie.


In both Leagues we are out of the Championship we have to focus  on the Cup’s. We will field our best teams to make it to the finals !

To become Champion we will need a stronger commitment first of all to come to the training (on time) and secondly you have to make sure you are there during the big games. As explained earlier we play about 8 big games per season and you need to make sure you are all available on these occasions.

Lets score loads of goals next weekend versus Voodoo and the Cowboys ! Every goal will taste good I guarantee you !

Good luck in the final of the Monday Fantasy League this evening !



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