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Lions stay on course !



On Saturday we had an important game vs the Azzuri. The Azzuri is always a though game because they play the same style of football on top after losing all of their games early in the season they are now back in shape and didn’t lose for a while. Dimitri our goalie came straight from the Pudong Airport and arrived at 6 AM at WGQ loaded with his suitcase. Fabie was out injured and Benji thought after 5 minutes that it was enough due to a hamstring injury ! We struggled in the beginning of the game mainly because the Azzuri decided to stay very deep and we didn’t come out as well. The result was an overstretched midfield with many gaps ! In the first half the Azzuri came the closest when Adam got away from Jack and hit the wood work. A brilliant save of Dim kept us in the race. The half time talk was not pretty and a few hard words were needed to stress the importance of this game. We had 45 minutes to turn the game around and that’s what we did. We started to control the midfield and created chances. It was Jack our defender who scored from a corner and this season our defenders prove to be our secret weapons as goal scorers ! Azzuri tried to fight back but after too many substitutions they lost their play. Azz went on a run and scored the decisive goal 2-0. Importan result to stay on track for the title race !


On Sunday we played the Galacticos who have not won a game yet. It was important to work on the goal difference and that’s just what we did ! A 9-0 win and happy to see that our Young U17 Lions Sean got on the score sheet twice. Now that was our 13th¬†consecutive win of this season and it keeps us on top of the SPL.


Good weekend with good results. However we are going in to the decisive months of the title race and in the end it will boil down on the commitment and the hunger for the title. Small details start to matter and a slip up can be deadly. As well we have a few injured players who need to take care of themselves and look for treatment and a recovery plan. Now it’s the time to all attend the trainings and work hard towards the end of the season ! Plan your holidays / business trips so that you don’t miss important games !


Looking forward to next weekend !


Cheers Freek

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