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Lions stay on top of the SIFL!


9:00 AM games are always bit more difficult as we never are sure if everybody will be on time and to put it simply not everybody is an early bird !

We did have most of the Lions ready for the game versus the Azzurri. But when you play a league week in week out there will be games that things are not running according to plan.

Maybe the fact that the Azzurri lost their previous games and were nowhere near to what they were supposed to be crept into our heads. We didn’t deal well with the long balls lifted by the strong wind and we never were able to play our passing game ! It was cynical that when the Azzurri hit our cross bar we straight scored an unbelievable goal, with three touches only by FabieJonny and finished by Allan our most in form player!  We quickly scored another goals easily tipped in by Mr Oshea and he didn’t know at that time that it would be the winner of the game !

Second half our game plan was to keep the zero and win the game but poor marking gave the Azzurri a life line 2-1! God bless we didn’t lose our heads and realized we can only win this game by fighting spirit and that’s what we did! We took the three points with one of our worst performances of the season!

Anyway we are on an unbeaten run of four games and that’s good Lions! Stay positive and work hard next game is against Japan at 9:00 AM so we all know what we need and what we not need to day the day before! Shooters drew vs Japan 3-3 just because of the fact the Japanese were there at 7:00 Am all awake and ready to score, they scored their three goals in the first 15 minutes. So its up to us to proof we deserve to be the number one football team in SHANGHAI !

I count on all of you to make it happen !

We got three 6 points this weekend as Sunday Lions beat the Shanghai 2000 6-2 ! Both Lions teams are leading the their leagues!


Cheers Freek

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