Shanghai Lions Football Club


Last Saturday the Lions had very early game at Waigaoxiao but were motivated to stay on top of the SIFL. The opponent was our SIFL cup final opponent Re-United. As they have two extremely fast moving forwards are target was to make sure to score first. We played well in the beginning and managed to get what we wanted a 1-0 lead thru a break finished by Romain. Re-united didn’t post any real threat in the first half and a slightly deflected shot from Azzedine right before half time gave the Lions a comfortable lead. Second half was more about Christmas as both Goalies struggled on the wet pitch and first the reunited goalie let a Azzedine shot straight on him thru his gloves / 3-0 and time for substitutions however we gifted them a goal as well and suddenly in the last 20 minutes we lost our game and didn’t defend well versus the Re-united long balls. As its early in the season these situation do happen and its good for us as it make us realize that we still need to work very hard and improve ourselves every single game ! 3-2 was the final score and with DIB losing and the shooters smashing the Azzuri the lions did well. Lets use the break to stay fit and heal minor injuries / We will be back vs the beavers 13 October and defend our lead !

Cheers Freeek

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