Lions surprised SIFL leader ReUnited

Last Saturday we were up against ReUnited. ReUnited are current leader in SIFL league and they scored 25 goals in their last 6 matches this season. Obviously, we knew it would be tough match.

On top, we were struggling with numbers but in the end we managed to have 13 players ready to go. We were happy to have Marcel back as goalie and had to make some trials in our line up with Nico and David playing as right and left back. Louka, our 14 year old talented young player got a starting place in the midfield.

There was a very strong wind which did impact the game and both sides started calm trying to keep possession at first. It was more a midfield battle with no shots on target from both teams. However, a miscommunication or a gift resulted in ReUnited taking the lead. Classic case between defender and goalkeeper where both think that the other will take the ball… As both left the ball the ReUnited attacker said thank you and scored in the empty goal.

After this set back, we started to play better and were looking for the pace of Ryan and Hira-san to get a breakthrough. It was from a corner that Peter equalized when the ball dropped to his feet in the box and he was happy to score.

With 1-1 at half time we realized we could play without pressure. Nothing to lose on our side while leader ReUnited needed a win… So the pressure was on them. They tried to force a goal with many substitutions and the wind in their back but our defense was solid as a rock. When ReUnited managed to shoot on target, Marcel was there to stop the ball.

Song got a close chance to score for us when his effort surprised the stand-in ReUnited keeper but unfortunately the ball went wide. Towards the end of the game, our legs were getting tired after all the hard work we did. At the 85th mn, disaster struck with ReUnited winger able to shoot… Marcel was ready to block the shot however a deflection by Masa-san saw the ball go into our net.

[ SIFL ] Shanghai ReUnited 2-1 Shanghai Lions FC

It was a big blow for us to concede so late but we can learn from it and improve next games. Overall the spirit of the team was very positive versus the leader of the league. With a good mix of youth and experienced senior players; we managed to play as one team.

Back to training on Tuesday. Next Saturday, we will play Kickers.



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