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Lions U18 complete training No 7 !

Young Lions,


We are almost done with our training sessions of 2012 ! We are pleased to see that most of the boys didn’t miss a single training session. For a football player training is essential first of all to improve your skill and secondly to improve your match fitness. For a Youth Football player its even more important as especially on the skill front there are many factors to improve like the “first touch”, ball control, shielding with your body,speed with or without ball, passing, shooting etc… All the training efforts you put in will pay off and it will make you a better and stronger player.  Especially the position plays are essential to understand and to learn from. We all know that Barcelona are the masters of this play you never see them passing a long ball because a long ball can be easily intercepted by the opponent, instead they stick to short passes and are able to keep the ball into possession for a long spell. The key success of Barcelona is the training as they are practicing this game form day in and day out and they became masters of their own skill.  Our advice is to never miss a training session if you want to become a better player !


Until the end of the 2012 we have to following in store for you :


5/12 – Last training at century park 1800-2000 All games and fun training pls bring your friends to try out our trainings / guest are welcome

9/12 – Lions U18 vs Japan U18 1200-1400 at WGQ last game was a draw let see whether we can beat them now after all our trainings

14/12 – Lions Christmas dinner at Bloc / U18 + Parents are more than welcome

16/12 – Santa Cup 1100-1630 at Waigaoqiao 8-aside / 16 teams men’s tournament !


Keep working hard young Lions we have a great U18 team and we enjoy to work with all of you !


Coach / Joel and Freek

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