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Lions U18 work hard at Century Park

Young Lions,

It was a good training yesterday under the helm of our experienced Lions Top scorer Joel. Great artificial pitch build with the latest technology imported from Italy which makes it almost like real grass. We had 14 Young Lions U18 attending and the crowd was truly multinational ! The training focused on a proper warming up which are key to avoid muscle tears / Ball control and Ball movement in limited space / Communication with other players / Pro active play without ball / Speed + Strength / Position play 10 vs 5 where you learn to switch quickly from ball possession / keeping the ball into ball chasing / getting the ball back / Looking for open space and switch the play form the crowded area to open space by long balls / Shooting / Last but no least 7 vs 7 game fast game!

What I like about this group is that each player has his individual strong points as well some weaker points. What we train for is to improve the weaker points in order to make you a more complete player / whether its shooting with your left foot / the first touch / speed / reaction / tackles. The training is the place where we like you to try to improve yourself. The more you train the fitter you will get / the fitter you are the better you can control the ball / the better you control the ball the more confidence you get / the more confidence you have the more you enjoy the actual games!

We are looking for an opponent for our first game on Sunday 11th of November before that we have two training sessions on Wednesday to get ready for our first Lions game as a team ! Hope you all keep up the hard work and believe me we as coaches really enjoy to work with you guys ! If you have a friend who you think is a good player please bring him or her along to the training session for a trial!



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