Shanghai Lions Football Club

The Lions Veterans clinch there second consecutive Championship title !

The Lions Legends faced a crucial game versus Bellewood this Sunday. Bellewood a strong physical British side were surely not an easy walk over. However the Lions Veterans have grown up over the last couple of months and started to play better and better football. With a solid strategy we started strong defended well the long balls and as well kept our cool against the tackles and verbal attacks ! It was a smart move by Fred F which got us a penalty and the 1-0  lead as he placed the ball nicely in the corner. Confidence was there and by a good counter attack it was Jack our new Chinese signing who scored the 2-0 ! In the second part of the game we were up against the wind and the long balls were harder to defend. Bellewood managed to get a goal back with a free kick flying in the top corner. We needed at that time all players to step it up but mr Fuseau had other plans as a late tackle by him resulted in second yellow card. First red in his life he claimed but the coach was not amused and didn’t seemed to want to hear Fred’s apologies. God bless Bellewood very soon got one of their players sent off as well. When we scored the 3-1 through a corner finished by Fred G we thought it was the end of the game not knowing the Bellewood No 20 would blast the ball behind our goalie right from the kick off ! In the end the final whistle came and we knew that this was our best Lions Veterans performance sofar 3-2 win ! It was when we were drinking beers paid by Fred F that an Emerald player congratulated us with our Championship ! With one game to go against the Scots and still unbeaten nobody can catch us anymore and we were crowned Champions of the Shanghai Veteran League 2014 ! Great team with a great spirit shown this weekend !


Plans for the Championship celebrations were the talk of the day and it looks like we can have a nice night out in the near future !


Well done Lions Legends and it shows that the true Lions Spirit never dies !


Cheers Freek

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