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SIFL May 22, 2021 @ 13:00 Waigaoqiao
Shanghai Lions Football Club

Yesterday was our last official game of the season and unfortunately, we didn’t get the result we expected. We played against a team without genius but a brave one which has exploited our mistake to score goals. For this we missed Ousmane (CAN), Tyrone, Romain, Francois ( injured) George (transferred to Melbourne FC in May), Moussa, Julia Philipp, Yang, etc …many of us were off. The coach decided one more time to use some youth from The Savanna with the Promotion of Henry, Alan et Anson

To start the game, we evaluate in 352 with Skiv in number to support the Mediterranean duo formed by Tomas and Lorenzo. Anson and Simon on both side with Kevin Patrick and Romain in the back and the duo Cyril Yuxuan in the middle.

The + :

  • We scored the first via a penalty from Juliano after a big foul from the cosmos keeper on Kevin ( for once its not a tackle from Romain K)…..we even the blood link with Cyril getting mad to see his big bro on the ground
  • The first 15 min of the first half and 30 min of the second –> we played very, got a lot of opportunities.

The – :

  • 3 goals against us ….most them from stupid mistakes (Patrick for example tried to play like Rio Ferdinand but we saw Rio “Fatdinand”)
  • We gave them the victory by missing too many chances
  • Some physical carences (mainly for th wing back)
  • Bad to finish by a defeat

During this game we’ve noticed :

  • The good performance from Juliano (1 goal) with an impressive number of saves… even the conceded goals cosmos had to shoot twice to score.
  • Skiv has been elected MOTM ..he gaves great ball upfront even if it was difficult for him physically after a long break.
  • Kevin at back was solid
  • Yuxuan’s activity in midfield

Joga bonito :

  • Always good to see our best tackle man in this rubric, M. Romain K. with 2 greats defensive tackles by keeping the ball in his feet.
  • The run of Simon in the first half to deliver a cross
  • Tomas’s backheel during a nice combination of passes including Cyril Lorenzo, Simon, and Yuxuan.
  • Juliano’s save 1vs1 against the cosmos where he showed him the door open and jumped like a jaguar on the ball after the shoot.
  • The Karai penalty of Juliano so relax.
  • What you probably missed
  • Maybe the missing goal of the year for Anson after the keeper dropped the ball on a corner he kicked over the cloud … you will score soon man
  • Henry first game at early 15 years old
  • It was the last game with us of Juliano….he settled a transfer to Azzuri (30 million RMB) in February after refusing to extend his contract with the Lions (we will use that money to hopefully going to our new training ground) A great goalkeeper but first a top guy…we gonna miss him and we will make him regret
  • all the best Karai, only bad luck against us.

Big up :

  • To Cynthia and her husband because they always deserve a big up
  • Dan for coming support and bring beers even if he didn’t share it lol
  • Alan’s Dad who recorded the highlights of his son on the pitch.
  • Guy (Henry’s dad) to come support and watch the game

The end of the season is near……, there will be the end-of-season tournament of the league but let s meet all on Tuesday for maybe our last training before the holidays where we will only play to enjoy being together.


Shanghai Cosmos FC 3 - 1 Shanghai Lions FC

  • Saturday 22 May 2021 @ 13:00
  • SIFL 
  • Waigaoqiao

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