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Merry Christmas from SPL

Merry ChristmasAmigo’s and Amiga’s,

We are going to leave 2013 behind us and from a SPL point of view we can conclude that it was an exciting year with over 140 games organized and no incidents but with great spirit on and off the pitch. The end of the season party was a great example of the friendship we try to create within the SPL.

The title race as usual was a tight affair undecided until the last weeks of the season. The new season we started with a record 12 teams making the SPL the largest 11-aside single division league in Shanghai !

On the weather front there is not much we can complain about of course putting aside the pollution issues. All our games in the new season could be played. We did struggle with the new Chinese Holiday Calendar as the government like the people to work on Sundays !

We had interesting games last Sunday !

Japan 1-2 Flamenkos

Flamenkos controlled the game from the start and took a comfortable lead 0-1 / in the second half it was more of the same as they scored another goal by Kurt. The end of the game was good entertainment as Japan pulled one back and pushed for the equalizer. However in the last minute of the game the Flamenkos got a penalty awarded and all eyes were on Nick a SPL Legend who decided to move to the USA and played his last game for the Flamenkos. The ball didn’t even hit the target and went wide much to the amusement of the Flamenkos. Nick in the end had a good laugh as well and we will wish him and his family all the best in the USA !

Gremio 2-3 Lions

Big game with the top position of the SPL at stake ! The first 10 minutes the Lions pushed harder and were close a few times but Gremio defended well. Adam of the Lions opened the score 0-1 but after that there was an incident as the referee gave a free kick in the penalty box when a Lions players was blocked should have been a penalty or a free kick outside the box. Lions lost their focus and Gremio got back into the game with a nice free kick and 5 minutes later even took the lead when the Lions defends failed to clear the ball. The second half Gremio tried to defend their lead but were caught on two counter attacks which the Lions took well,

2-3 ! The last 10 minutes Gremio pushed forward with several corners and free-kicks but couldn’t get the ball in the net. Lions are the “Herb Meister” of the SPL without a loss !

Shanghai 2000 1-0 ERS

Talking to Nicolas the ERS Manager he still couldn’t understand how it was possible not to have scored after so many opportunities. For Shanghai 2000 it was finally a win and it boosted their spirit and gave them hope for the 2014 games !

Galacticos 0-14 Pistolera Bulls

A record win for the Pistolera Bulls and Galacticos were happy to be able to field a team despite the heavy defeat. Bilgin was not happy with his top scorer Stats with 8 goals as he should have scored at least another 20 as per his comment !


Our next games will be on January 12th, 2014

  • 12:00  ERS vs Lions  at Jinqiao Green City
  • 14:00  Flamenkos vs Marlins  at Jinqiao Green City
  • 12:00  Galacticos vs Japan  at Waigaoqiao SRFC
  • 14:00  Cowboys vs SFL FC  at Waigaoqiao SRFC
  • 13:00  Super48 vs Shanghai 2000  at CPK
  • 15:00  Pistolera Bulls vs Gremio  at CPK


Now it’s time to thank everybody involved in the SPL for making 2013 a success ! First of all the people who make our venues playable each week Adam (Jinqiao) / Karl (Century Park) / David/James (SRFC) and of course our referees and lines men/women, Yamada for keeping the scores/schedule, Mikael for helping to keep the website up to date, all the Managers and Captains of the teams, all the players of the SPL and all the friends and family of the SPL ! Thank you !


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ! Stay fit and healthy !


Freek – SPL President on behalf of the SPL Committee

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