Mini Lions having fun

Mini Lions having fun

Last Saturday, the weather was excellent and we had a great setup for our Mini Lions having fun at Qiyi. We booked half a pitch to play back-to-back matches against Multi-Sport. It was great to see many parents come out to support the players and Max, our U18 player, was kind enough to help out on the coaching part.

We played with small goals and the last player could be the goalie… So there was no fixed goalkeeper. It was great to watch our Mini Lions having fun and defending well with everyone helping out. Adam tried to control all from the back and we played on the counter from the wings with our players.

There were plenty of goals from both teams to the delight of the spectators. In the last 10 minutes, we did an experiment to let them play on a full-size 7 aside fields with the large goals. Despite the goals being so BIG, nobody could score but every player had fun and enjoyed the experience.

Well done Mini Lions!

Freek & Yamada-san

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